Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Well, it wasn't a vacuum cleaner!

     I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday!  I certainly am enjoying this season and do not want the joys of Christmas to end.  But then, not having to return to school, I guess it may not.
     My Christmases of years past was lots of family and a rather large celebration.  Then people moved and losses occurred so that it became just my brother and me.  We are quite like a couple of very young children from the moment the tree goes up.  And since we have no other family to buy for - well, we go a bit overboard.  We generally hand each other a list and then throw in some surprises for each other.  My list was a few coloring books, some zentangle journals and pens, and a set of Inktense pencils.  Remember I said he was driving me nuts with his surprises? 
     You must understand about the vacuum cleaner remark.  We own a pretty good vacuum cleaner.  I have never in all the many years we owned it, used it.  Okay don't laugh or judge.  I just haven't.  My hand has never "driven" that piece of equipment.  Ray does that.  Always. So he took to saying he had gotten me a brand new deluxe vacuum cleaner.  Which of course I knew he had not, but that was all I heard - how this model would be great for me and how pretty it was.  He almost had me believing him.  He even went so far as to say he had wrapped a smaller box and stored the real deal in his car.  Brothers can be so nasty!  (But oh so wonderful!)  My surprises were a CD I did not even know was out - love Jim Byrnes and the blues, a rather "sweet" gift card that was also in part a birthday present and 3 more seasons of the show Highlander!  I did a rather good happy dance!!
     The last inchie??? Oh how sad.  I will miss the inchies, but I also will miss the community.  I have talked with someone about trying to help keep it going.  I just don't feel like I know what to do.  We will see where that goes.  In the meantime - the word of the week was goat.

      Here are a few of this week's coloring pages.  I did one in my new grayscale book, but I don't feel very confident about that.  I will improve.  I hope.  The flowers are done with the Inktense pencils, oh wow are they vibrant!! 

      Went shopping for groceries today since we could have some bad weather.  I didn't want to be stuck without food in the house.  Of course, if we lose power, I could be stuck with not so good food in the house.  Yuck!  I also bought a teeny tiny birthday cake.  That is my very favorite dessert in the whole world.  So once a year I treat myself.  Can't have it in the house any other time - too big a temptation.
      After the tree comes down I am going to pull out our treadmill and try to walk some.  I had done really well for a while but got . . . lazy.  No good word for it.  I am going to sign up for a "virtual race" that can be done at your own pace and however you want so I am hoping for motivation.
      Thanks for dropping by and I hope you are having a blessed day!!


  1. I did laugh when reading your post about the vacuum does sound as if you and your brother have a lovely relationship...your art work looks wonderful too, as is your goat. I saw on Jenny J's post that Jolande and Margriet are trying to work something out regarding the inchie continuation, bless them...we will hear about that I guess, if they do manage it. Best wishes for New Year, hope you don't lose power..BTW, was it your birthday? If so, many congratulations! Dx

  2. Great inchie, and it sounds as if you enjoyed your Christmas.
    Happy New Year, hugs Wendy.

  3. I love your teasing relationship with your brother - reminds me of mine but unfortunately I lost him in 2011 - he was such a tease but you have to love them! Great story re the vacuum!! Made me laugh but sounds like you had a great Christmas and if indeed it was your birthday as Di suggested then happy birthday from me! Happy new year too and let’s hope EIM continues under Jolande and Margriet love Jenny

  4. Love the camaraderie between you and your brother. What a blessing! I think you would be great at the inchie blog! I also love your artwork and that grey scale artwork is AMAZING! I love it!

  5. Hello Cathy,

    I like to let you know that Margriet and I will continue the Every Inchie Monday Blog and that we start tomorrow!
    We wish you a very happy New Years Eve and for 2018 a happy, healthy and creative year, with a lot of beautiful inchies.
    Greetings from Jolande

  6. Seems like my comment didn't get onto here again...great goat & even greater is the news that we will still have inchies in 2018 :-)
    Happy New Year to you



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