Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Monday is Challenge Day!

     The weather was incredibly hot on Monday and I am battling a sinus infection which has got me more than a bit cranky, so staying inside away from the pollen and doing challenges was my idea of a wonderful Memorial day. 
     Made by Joey's Roman numeral challenge has finished.  I completed number XV.  Joey says she has another series ready for us - I can't wait to see what that might be.  Here is tile XV and the completed page of all fifteen.  What a fun challenge this has been!  Thanks, Joey!

      Oops, just noticed the top of XV got chopped off in the scan.  Oh well, the whole thing is visible in the full version.
     Every Inchie Monday's word is "robot".  I can't wait to see all the cute and interesting robots over on the site.  You really should go check out this fun challenge - it is only a tiny inch a week and soooo much fun!
       Diva challenge # 270 was to use the new tangle skye.  I love this tangle.  However, don't interrupt me while I am attempting it - I might go "less than zen" all over you!  It is a really hard one for me.  I struggle with what goes where through the whole thing.  I am getting better, but not by much.  Because of the struggle it isn't so relaxing for me.  Maybe it will bet that way.
     I have sort of a mini zendala for the Diane Clancy challenge #59.  I started out with heartstar, then added some Maddie around it.  I needed a tangle to use the letter s, so I chose sandswirl. 
     The last thing I worked on is a coloring sheet, not my own drawing.  There is a coloring contest on a website and I am going to enter it.  I enjoy coloring though I don't always do a lot of it.  Sometimes the ease of just black and white is more peaceful.  Sometimes.  There are those moments that just scream  "COLOR!"  You know the kind.
    Okay.  All this week's challenges are complete.  Now what does a crafty lady do???  I think when I finish here I will head over to Cricut's Design Space and get some cards made up.  I love that program and could play for hours just designing, not too mention the cutting and assembly.    Considering the heat is still massive, not to mention the pollen, I definitely will be choosing something from the inside.  Have a wonderful day!  Thank you for dropping by!


  1. Nice work, you've been busy!

  2. It's been a busy Monday for you! :O). Great detail on the Skye tile and like your other tiles too! Very nice!!

  3. I think you did a really good job with the Skye tangle. Even tho I'm still struggling with it, it's one of my favorites.

    Beautiful job of coloring, also, and again, one of my favorite things to do. Hope you win the contest.

    And, I hope you feel better really soon!!


  4. One of these days we will be soooooo zen when we Skye :) Looks like you're well on your way!

  5. Your Skye looks perfect, your robot is so cute, and, well, a coloring page is always delightful to do and to look at. Hope you are feeling better :)

  6. You have been busy, love all the tangles and the robot is adorable

  7. Terrific artwork and a wonderful robot inchie

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. Great work and I love your Joey collection;-)

  9. like your robot - wonder what's in the left hand corner that he is looking at ! well done

  10. I really like your work and your Challenge tile is amazing.

  11. Love your robot, it looks as if you have gagged him, he must have been very noisy

  12. All are wonderful! I hope you are feeling better.


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