Friday, June 17, 2016

Time for . . .

challenges, resting, drawing, school work, computer games, and sooooo much more!  Oh I love the relaxed pace of summer.  This past week I have worked on some challenges and also done a lot on cutting out and planning things for my school bulletin boards.  I have decided on a garden theme for the decorations in the room.  I will post pictures when I have them put up in the room - end of July.
    The Every Inchie challenge word was "radio".  I started to draw a radio then decided on the IHeart radio symbol.  Not really unique, but anyway here goes.

    The Diane Clancy challenge uses the letters DCA for tangles.  I used dessus-dessous, cirque, angelfish, and auraleaf.

     Made by Joey had a really neat circle string this time - three little circles inside of a larger one.  Putting the tangle socc inside the small circles was interesting.  I enjoyed using that tangle - I had forgotten how much I liked it when it first came out.  Sometimes it is fun to return to "old friends", even if for just a bit.

     Diva's challenge was to do something for the Beads of Courage.  You can read about what this organization does for youngsters facing a lot of medical procedures on her site (see side bar).  I decided to use the beads to honor the courage of those who have had to deal with the horror of Orlando.  Some with losses.  Some with coping with the clean up and justice process.  I chose one bead for each letter in Orlando.  Then found a tangle that began with that letter.  I also added a heart to show my heart is with those folks.  My tangles are operation, rainbow bridge, log cabin, akirfa, nzeppel, dash off, and o2.

      This last piece was just for fun.  No challenge, just time to play around.  Sometimes I don't do enough of that.  I get caught up in challenges (which I love) and forget to spend time to do my own creating.  For no reason except to express myself.

      I think when I finish here I am going to work on some math plans for the beginning of the year.  I actually love to do that.  Now, I don't love doing it when I am pushed for time.  But over the summer it is seriously one of my favorite things to do.  Strange, huh?
     Thank you for dropping by and saying hello.  I really appreciate all the wonderful comments you take the time to share with me.  This community of artists means so much to me.  It has seriously changed my life.  Again thank you for being a part of it.  Have a wonderful day!


  1. Wonderful tiles - I especially like your tribute to Orlando

  2. Amazing artwork and a great take on the inchie theme

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. Doing your teaching prep during the Summer really can be a pleasure. I used to get funny looks when sitting on a balcony in Greece , working on English literature lesson plans, or even worse, timetables. But, as you say, when you are doing it because you want to and not because there is a deadline, it's a pleasure. I can see you have used your tangle time well too and produced some lovely pieces of work.

  4. great tangling - I love the beads and the sentiment behind your take on it. The radio icon is neat - I must look into iheart radio (had never heard of it before this challenge) well done artwork

  5. Wow, some wonderful tiles this week & a great idea for the inchie:-)


  6. Wonderful tiles! Happy Weekend!

  7. I love that you share all your challenges at the same time. Lovely tiles. Enjoy the summer!

  8. How productive your School break is. Wonderful tiles

  9. love the inchie, and the tribute to Orlando is amazing. I have an idea for a tribute but I have just not had the time to do it. I get playing with math for fun, sadly, I sometimes do that at work myself. Just to keep myself busy while I drone on lol


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