Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Real Challenge!

     When I get obsessed about something, it takes over.  I wish I didn't do that as it has interfered with more than one night's sleep.  Well, I got in my head last night as I was trying to fall asleep that I would put my first math unit into a google slide show.  Fine, except I have never used that and had NO idea what I was doing.  But my obsession would not let me stop.  So first thing this morning I took to youtube.  Watched a few videos.  Then opened everything up and prepared to struggle.  It was not as hard as I imagined.  Actually, I think it looks pretty good.  It did take me all day.  I would love to do this for all my units.  I see potential here.  I am just not sure I have one day to devote to every unit I teach, lol!
     Now for some challenges of a different sort.  I worked on these the day before though I probably could use some zen time now for sure.  Every Inchie Monday's word was physics.  So I googled it and this is what I found.  I could not come up with a better idea.
     Diane Clancy's challenge uses the letters RVI.  I have to admit this tile is not my favorite by a long shot.  Oh well, can't love them all.  I used reencuentro, v-way, and infinity.
     When I started gnarly on Made by Joey's string, I wasn't too happy here either.  Some days are like that.  However the more I drew the better I liked it.  I enjoyed doing white on the brown areas for contrast.  
     Whenever I sit down to craft or draw, my "buddy" plants himself as close to my chair and me as he can get.  I love having him so close, but getting up and down can be a bit . . . uh . . . obstructed.  The joys of a giant dog.  Wouldn't have it any other way.
Please do not wake me.

      Thank you for dropping by and I hope your day is going wonderfully. 


  1. I enjoyed looking at your artwork. Love your EIM physics interpretation...couldn't come up with anything like that so mine ended up being a dog eating grass...heh heh heh. Anyway...your Gnarly is beautiful, I love it. And I have the same doggy problem, lol.


  2. yeah - physics was a toughie to come up with anything visual , but I like your interpretation. There is never enough time for a teacher to do everything she wishes she could do (says this teacher). But we still try...

  3. Great to have a crafting buddy. Your artwork is terrific ans so is the inchie

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. awww your dog is adorable, I love my little dogs though. i love all your work this week. I know the feeling about not liking what you see but you did great

  5. I wouldn't know where to begin for a slide show, either! I did a looping GIF in Photoshop once and that took all day and I can't remember how I did it! Your Joey piece is GNArlY, love it really. Cheryl

  6. Physics seems to have challenged all of us to some extent this week & getting around a large dog at ones feet is a problem that I too am familiar with lol.


  7. Love your work & "Buddy" ! Happy Weekend!


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