Thursday, July 7, 2016

This Week's Creativity

    When I found this quote by A.A.Milne, I knew I had to use it somehow.  My dream is to retire soon.  It made me think of all the jobs I could have had and how much I dearly love the one I do.  Teaching is a passion as well as a profession.  I have spent time this summer preparing and planning for this coming year.  I enjoy it.  When the time comes that I can retire (and I hope that will be soon), this quote speaks to my heart.

     While I have the tangle "girdy" in my notebook, I don't remember ever using it.  So it was like using a new tangle for Made by Joey's challenge this week.  I combined it with Hollibaugh, another rarely used tangle.

     How could I get creative with the Inchie challenge?  The word was computer.  My brother and I brainstormed ideas (he works with computers all the time).  I thought about a brain.  Then I decided a pencil is a good "first" computer.  Probably my favorite one too!

     I read a blog article by Joanne Fink about painting butterflies.  Then I went off to her site - a totally inspiring awesome place to visit.  If you want to watch some great videos and read some very cool articles, go to Zenspirations.  You will come away inspired.  After I tried one of her butterflies using my Koi watercolor pens, I just played on the paper.  (Also if you speak French and I am horribly wrong on my translation, be gentle, I am learning).

     Could not stop with the backgrounds using the Koi markers.  For Diane Clancy's challenge, I used the tangles - angelfish, antidots, yuan, and kelp. 

     Then on to Diva's challenge, "My Country Tis of Thee".  Another Koi background using the US's colors, then some arukas stars to top it off.

      Going to be connected to my Cricut for a while.  I need to get all the bulletin boards and "stuff" cut for my classroom.  I have enjoyed this summer beyond measure.  After the rather difficult year I had, just to chill and do what I wanted to do was nice.  I also have been trying to psych myself up to deal with some of the issues.  (And praying they are not going to resurface).  Either way, I will hopefully be ready. 
      Thank you for dropping by to say hello.  I hope you are having a blessed day!!


  1. Hi, Kathy, love all your tiles. I absolutely adore the notebook page with all the zendalas on it, tho. Awesome!! The Joey tangle is so cool, and the inchie? Love it!! Great job! Thanks for sharing.


  2. love your artwork - especially the butterfly Your inchie is a great idea - a brain using a pencil - yup the ultimate computer

  3. You were quite busy and with great results.

  4. I love your drawing in the notebook, your ichie is original and very true, I like the colors you used on your tiles, your Aruka-tile is just beautifull and thank you for sharing your interesting ideas!!!

  5. Wonderful work! Love them all! My favorite is your Girdy tile!

  6. How creative, Cathy! Everything's luscious. Hope your plan for a happy retirement comes together just when you need it. Is the French a statement of faith or friendship? Always, CHeryl

  7. love all the colorful creativity this week and the inchie is awesome!

  8. Such a lot of brilliant work - I love the first one with AA Milne's quote but it's all good and I especially love your computer - we all forget that one don't we - what a good brain and a pencil can do!! Love Jenny

  9. I love your tiles, espacially those for DIVA`s and Joeys challenges!

  10. You will never stop teaching even after you retire. A teacher is always a teacher unless they were doing it for the money, not for the love. You put love into teaching, so I know you were a terrific teacher :) Nice pieces with lots of pretty colors. The pencil was a great idea too. I agree that Joanne offers us a lot of fun ideas.


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