Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Peaceful Rain

     Finally some rain this week.  Not a lot.  Not close to what we need.  But still, rain.  I was so thankful for the little we did get.  I almost went out and played in the rain.  Instead I worked on Every Inchie Monday's word for the week, which was  . . . rain!  What a lead in, huh?

     Diane Clancey's challenge was to use the letters BHT.  I chose all new tangles to me as an extra challenge - binaer, hamsix, and triline.  Trying the new tangles were fun.

     Due to all the unrest in the states this past week, both Joey's and Diva's challenges had to do with peace.  Not surprising.  It has become a scary world we live in.  I was a child in the 60's and thought all the issues of race were behind us.  Or at least hoped so.  And for a while I think they were.  What happened?  The purpose of this blog is not to wax political.  I don't do that very well anyway.  But it does give you reason to stop and think.  I miss the simpler, more peaceful times of my childhood.  (Not in any way denying the turmoil of those days, but merely saying I was a child then and less aware).  Sort of funny that as I "tangle" my brain becomes more "untangled", isn't it?
      Joey's string was the peace symbol and we had to use the tangle "organic".   Never used that one, but I will again.  I almost considered adding strings and dangles underneath to make it a dreamcatcher.  I may still yet as it really reminds me of one.

      Diva' guest blogger, Suzanne Fluhr, asked us to use the theme "Give Peace A Chance".  Since I had just finished the peace sign, I wanted something different.  I chose blue for the fallen police officers and a butterfly.  The butterfly just because it is such a peaceful gentle creature.  (and I really like them).   I had colored the butterfly all wrong in my opinion so I took a metallic pen and covered it over.  I like it much better.

     Did I mention last time that I changed my plan for my classroom decoration?  I spent hours (and then some) the first of the summer cutting and planning on a garden theme.  Then due to a meeting I went to and some inspiration there, I changed my mind - a nature trail.  Our school mascot is the trailblazer.  So while I am happier with the change, I hate I spent so much time with the garden theme only to discard it.
     Thank you for dropping by and I hope your corner of the world is peaceful and happy and blessed!  Hugs to you!


  1. Great tangles and inchie. Really like the organic one.

  2. Great inchie, but the peace symbol is lovely. I really adore it

  3. I love both the inchie and the Peace tile. We have so much rain here, you can hardly sit in the garden this summer. Weird weather everywhere.

  4. Great tiles, and a pretty inchie!!


  5. like your cheery umbrella in the rain - it finally rained here in southern ontario - but we are still very dry with yellow grass - we need more rain.

  6. Lovely work especially the Peace tile and yes, it really does look like a dream catcher. How clever!


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