Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ahhh . . . . Relax and Create!

     Four days of post inservice this year.   That was amazing - last year we only had 2 to get furniture moved, paperwork done, etc.  So less hectic this year.  Even so, I am glad it is over.  Now I can get down to some serious crafting.  I had been working on all these pieces this week, but posting takes time I did not have so bear with me for a long post.  Sorry!
     I missed last week's inchie for Every Inchie Monday.  I can't believe that.  The word was 3D.  I guess my entry is a bit lame - 3 d's.  Oh well.  This week's word was button.  That was fairly simple.  I have a container of buttons used for scrapping and card making so I just selected a few to decorate my inchie.

     We are nearing the finish on the Roman numeral challenge at Made by Joey's.  This week was number XIV.  Next week I will show the whole page of completed numbers.

     Diane Clancy's challenge was to use the letters GLJ.  I chose to use ginili, leef-e-vin, and jax.  It was kind of nice to play around with something a little less "grid" based.   I tend to get hung up on grid patterns.  Must be my orderly, perfectionist nature!  It can drive some folks crazy. 

     Diva asked us to use the new tangle "ellish".   Okay, I can see loving to play with this one.  For this tile I used betweed (a close related tangle) for a filler.  I could use some more practice but it was a lot of fun to play with.

     Last, this was piece I have had in the works for over a week now.  I would just add a little when I had a few moments.  So it took a while to finish it up.  

     I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.  Thank you for dropping by!


  1. All tiles are so beautiful! My favorite for this week is the tile for the Diane Clancy Challenge! Happy Weekend!

  2. Oh look at how interconnected all your Ellishes are! But I'm with Anja...the tile for the GLJ challenge is my favorite. It's so gardeny and light. Lovely!

  3. love the inchies, I actually had not thought about that!

  4. Brilliant inchies and so many tangles.

  5. Great inches and brilliant tangles, some of them look really complicated.


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