Sunday, May 1, 2016

Time to Breathe!

     This has been a very hectic week - okay here lately I say that nearly every post.  Well, they have been.  And for the next few weeks until school is out they will continue to be.  Right now all I can see is endless paper work and cleaning and moving.  All the while teaching and entertaining some kiddos who are counting the days til summer.
     I managed quite a few pieces through out this week.  I worked on Made by Joey's Roman numeral challenge for number X.  I have to admit though I don't like this one. That is the problem in doing a piece on a page that is linked to other pieces.  Once begun, there is no way to "fix it" and no way to start over.  So I have to live with it and hope I can ignore it.  I didn't use all the 5 tangles she suggested.  I only managed three of them.

     Then onto my Diane Clancy challenge, which I feel the exact opposite about - I love it.  It reminds me of a kitchen wall for some silly reason.  The letters we had to use were PWZ.  I chose the following tangles - pax, wallbucket, and zero-in.  Then I added a couple of colors.

     Diva's challenge #265 was to use some stripes.  I love using stripes - it allows a chance to use lots of border tangles (which I didn't this time) and they always look so neat together.

     The inchie word for the week was "big".  A bit of a oxymoron don't you think?  I just wrote the word on the inchie and then decorated it.

     Thank you for dropping by.  Also this week I had a doctor visit which gave me a change of meds.  One of the new ones has the potential to make me sick on my stomach.  I really can't spare the time to be sick with all I need to do.  (smile)  When can we ever say we have time to be sick?!  Please keep in our thoughts that I do not have any reactions to this and that it helps lower my sugar.  All other things were great, so that is good news at least.
    See you soon!  Have a wonderful day!


  1. I really enjoyed looking at all your tiles. I the one for Diane's challenge. And I love the stripes!!


  2. love all the tiles and i really love the second one, the colors and the curves are cool, I also love the take on the inchie

  3. This stripes tile is really beautiful and I like the kitchen wall too.

  4. I don't think it is only the children that are looking forward to the summer! I too like your Clancy tile the best but I like the fold in the stripes as well. Clever thinking there

  5. Doesn't the doodling just help you relax. I love all your designs

  6. Love your tangles and your Inchie - well I didn't see the word BIG I only saw the negative and wondered what it was but it is very clever!


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