Saturday, May 21, 2016

Nearing summer . . .

    Yesterday, Friday, was my last day with my kids.  We shoved and moved boxes and furniture, played some games and just visited.  I have loved this group of kids.  They have got to be the sweetest bunch I have had in quite a few years.  The real blessing is I get them again next year.  Our school loops.  Which means I pick up a group in second grade and keep them for two years.  Then go back and do it again.  So while it is hard to say good bye, it really is only for a few short weeks.  If I can ( and I pray I can)  next year will be my last.  I really want to retire.  I will probably sub.  It will help with the money, but just as importantly it will mean spending time with children, which I know I will miss.
    And now on to more tangley things.  I worked on Made by Joey's Roman numeral challenge - number XIII.  Only two more weeks to go and I will post the whole page.
    For Diane Clancey's challenge the tangles had to begin with the letters F, O, and a number.  I chose to use fenestro, ozzie, and 4 corners.
    Thanks for dropping by and I hope you are having a great week!


  1. Colourful. Hope your retirement will happen!

  2. Oh it would be nice to retire at the end of a two year loop rather than in the middle of things. Bet you are looking forward to the next few weeks hols. Your tiles are great especially Diane's one. The centre looks like watermelon, yummy.


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