Sunday, April 24, 2016

Twenty days and counting . . .

    Yep.  I have twenty days left of school (with children and 4 more work days).  This year has flown by.  The last few days will too.  At least in some ways.  When I look at the list of things that must be accomplished before I lose my kids - whew!  I can not see how I will do it.  I know I will, but  . . .
    And in the midst of it all, I must do my art work or go nuts.  It brings me a few moments of zen and peace.  I worked first on the Roman numeral challenge for Made by Joey.  This is the number IX.  Makes me wish I had thought of leaving negative space around the other numbers. 
     Then I worked on the Diane Clancy challenge.  The letters were JXT.  I chose the tangles - JJ, X2 and Tootsie Moon. 
      Every Inchie Monday's word this past week was "poetry".  I could not make up my mind what to do here.  It took several days of thinking.  But here we go  . . .
     The last item wasn't for a challenge or anything.  As I am sure you know the musician Prince died this last week.  I liked his music, not one of my absolute favorites but still one I enjoyed quite a lot.  However a teacher at my school is crazy about him.  She was "in mourning" as she put it when she found out.  I decided to do her a small gift.  So I took an apprentice sized tile, did the symbol he used for a while, tangled and then added some purple.  Actually I really like this.  However I will give it away tomorrow morning.  This teacher is the daughter of a teacher I used to work with a long time ago.  She is just like her mom - kind, caring and really energetic.  She has been a real asset to our school.
     Thank you for dropping by and saying hello!  I hope your week is wonderful!!


  1. Love your Prince-inspired piece. That was so kind for you to do!

  2. Love the Prince piece, so nice of you to do that for your friend. I love your inchie so creative and neat

  3. Great inchie and fab tangles, love the Prince one.

  4. Clever poetree Inchie very well done. Your Prince tangle is stunning and I know will be greatly appreciated by your friend - what a lovely kind thoughtful thing to do.


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