Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Break!!

       It is so lovely outside even though we may have a shower this afternoon.  I am 5 days into my break and so happy to be at home.  I needed this "down" time so much.  Of course two days were spent dealing with the refrigerator.  One day Ray and I took off the doors to the old one and moved it to the front porch.  And in the moving some sort of water thing (that we were unaware of) decided to spray and leak everywhere!  Mid day shower!  We got that one carried off and now have a new one.  It is a really pretty Samsung two door on top with the freezer on the bottom.  I love it.  It certainly is better than that dormitory fridge we were having to use.
      Then we went to get groceries.  Everything in the old one was lost.  I did not realize how hard it was to replace those small things I don't usually but each time.  But it is stocked for a short while. 
      I worked for awhile on some challenges yesterday and still have a few to go.  The first one I did was one for Made by Joey's Roman numeral string.  I had done string VI but didn't post it in time.  So here is strings VI and VII.  Remember they are all on one page so that is why you see some ragged edges.  I will post the whole thing when I have all 15 done.
     Next stop for me was the Diane Clancy challenge #150.  The letters we had to use were HSO.  I  chose hepmee, steampunk flower, and orb on the move.  I worked a space larger than the normal tile. I just filled a page of my journal.

      Then I worked on Diva's challenge to use the tangle fassett.  I was in a mood where I really did not want to do much thinking or planning, so I just fill the entire tile with triangles.  I thought at first to leave some empty.  Then I decided to put paradox with a brown pen into the blank spaces.

       I think after I get this post up, I shall pull out the cricut and get some birthday cards made.  I have 8 to do for this month so I better get rolling.  I also have a framed piece I want to do to see if I can sell some of them for Mother's Day.  I will show a picture of that when I get it done.
       Thank you for dropping by and I hope you are having a very blessed day!


  1. Wow! Yout Fassett/ Paradox combination is beautiful!

  2. You are going to be very busy - I'd love to see your cards when they are done. I really love the Challenge 150 piece, it's gorgeous.

  3. I like the way you fit those paradoxes in with your cool!

  4. Great tiles, I like the two colours in the Fassett tile. Glad you got your fridge sorted, I love a fridge on top of a freezer, it makes it easier to see in :-)


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