Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Susy Mosh challenges

   How nice it is to post when I want to and not feel any pressure.  Things here are going okay.  I don't seem to have as much free time as I wish.  Christmas break made me very lazy.  Not a hard thing to happen.  For me at least.
    Susy Mosh does two really fun challenges.  The first on is "That's New to Me".  For this challenge we needed a new tangle that began with an A and also the tangle 'pinbawl" by David Hunter.  I used autumnal and arcflower.  Both are mostly new. 
The other challenge is "Tangle Me 3".   We are given one tangle and have to explore using it 3 different ways.  This time we continued playing with "pinbawl". 
     Both of these are on my string page I am doing for Alice Hendon's string challenge.  Now on to something else.  Take care and thank you for dropping by.


  1. Great job on the variations in the TM3 tile! Thanks for being part of my challenges!

  2. Oh! that flowery pinbawl! how cool. And your suzymosh challenge piece is like an elephant, decorated for a Hindu festival! good stuff here!


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