Sunday, January 10, 2016

Day - Wait! Who cares?

    After a year of keeping up with what day it was, I feel sort of lost!  Seriously.  Besides, what do I title my posts?! 
    I worked on Diane Clancy's challenge to use tangles that begin with the letters JSW.  I chose to use slice, white perl, and jax. 
     Square One had a challenge this past week to use the tangle henna drum.  It has to be in the traditional black and white so I have had to really fight my urge to color those flowers.

    Both of these are done on the journal pages I have made to put the string a day challenge on.  Nice to already have a string to choose from.
     At the bottom of the page I have a space to write on.  Then I will slip them into sheet protectors and a binder! 
    Thanks for dropping by and I guess I need to return to my school work.  Any one want to grade some papers??


  1. I love the title of the blog, LOL Made me laugh. I also can grade papers! Ev'rybody gets an A! lol Love the work, Awesome as always


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