Saturday, January 23, 2016

Good morning!

    I hope you heard me shout that title.  I slept last night without coughing! I went to the doctor yesterday and got antibiotics and a shot so I feel so much better.  Still not 100%, but better.  I am hoping I am on the road to recovery. 
     Worked on a few challenges this week.  Not many.  I didn't have the energy, but at least I got a few done and that was nice.  I did the Every Inchie challenge at the beginning of the week, but hadn't gotten around to posting it.  The word of the week was sofa.  Now it is time to think of next week's word - village.  Oh dear.
   Then I worked on the challenge for Made by Joey.  Her challenges this month has a music theme.  I don't listen to music while I tangle.  I like to.  But I tangle at our den table and my brother is in there usually doing something at the computer.  It is not distracting, because we usually chat while I tangle. 
     Adele Bruno had a great string and challenge this week.  I love the string and we had to use hypnotic and paradox - two of my very favorites. 
      Thanks for dropping by.  We have a little snow here - not enough to be really pretty or to play in (not that I would risk the cold right now).  At least we got some.  I am still hoping for some more. 


  1. Sorry that you were feeling bad, I am trying to get back myself. I love the detail that you got on your work this week!

  2. Hopefully you are well on the way to recovery by now. Love your Adele Bruno tile, it has a very abstract look to it.

  3. These are beautifully done! Glad that you are feeling better too!


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