Sunday, January 31, 2016

Remember me?

     I can't believe I am taking so long to post here lately.   I haven't done a lot of art work this week.  There is so much going on at school and I still am not feeling super.  Bronchitis, I am told, just takes its own sweet time to leave.  There are days I feel great (not energetic, but great) and then there are days the coughing just won't quit.  I need a long break.
    I did find time to work on the inchie for this week.  The word was village and it gave me a fit.  Everything I drew, I didn't like.  So I found a picture of a Mexican village and added some colored pencils to it.  Not great - but done.  Maybe next week I an be a bit more creative.
     I also got to work on the alphabet challenge that Diane Clancy posts.  The tangles had to begin with the letters, IGJ.  I used intersection, jajazz, golven and illusion.  I also used one of the strings provided by Alice Hendon's facebook string challenge.
     I am enjoying playing with my new Cricut Air.  It is absolutely a dream machine to use.  I am making cards and scrapbook pages galore.  I plan on working on Valentines for my class next week - I will post pictures.
     Another fun thing I am doing is playing around with Google classroom.  Our school is getting a massive amount of chromebooks for our kiddos and I want to be (semi) knowledgable.  It is rather addicting and fun.
     Thanks for dropping by and I hope you are having a very blessed day!


  1. Sorry that you are still not 100% Hope you feel better soon. love the art work this week

  2. coughing can be so exhausting - I once actually broke a rib coughing before my asthma was diagnosed - your inchie is beautiful - such delicate colours


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