Saturday, October 24, 2015

Days 295 -297, A trio of challenges

     Diva's challenge for my day 295 was to make a piece autumn inspired with leaves.  I love fall and this time of year - crisp cool mornings and beautiful colors!  I decided I would go outside and find some really pretty leaves and trace them onto my paper.  Then I would either tangle on the leaf space or around the leaf space.  Once I had gathered the leaves, I went to tracing.  I just could not get satisfied with them - they wouldn't lay flat.  then I decided to paint one side and press them onto the paper.  That sort of worked.  The images weren't super so I just tangled over them.

    Thursday was day 296 and fall festival.  I love fall festival at our school - I really do.  The kids have such a great time (and so do the teachers).  There is a dunk tank and inflatables.  Lots of games and booths to visit.  We also had perfect weather for those things operating outside.  The only down-side is that I get to school at 6:30 am.  I left fall festival at 7:00 pm.  So while I had a great time, my feet and legs were "crying".  I am clearly too old for nearly 13 hour days on my feet.  I did think I would be able to get out of bed on Friday morning.  I worked on Adele Bruno's string challenge Thursday evening while Ray fixed supper.  It uses fandance, swarm, and cruffle.

      Okay.  I don't like this next tile.  At all.  But I am so worn out, it is going to have to do for today, 297.  I struggle with "over under" type tangles for some strange reason.  So when I saw that Square One's challenge was to use W2, I was less than thrilled.  I may try to do another more inspired one at some point. 

      Thank you for dropping by and leaving me some sunshine.  I hope you are having a wonderful day!


  1. Ah, Cathy, how well I remember those "special" days where you were at the school for 13 hours! Don't miss it, not even a bit LOL! I think your leaves look quite nice. You're lucky to actually have fall as a season and be able to play with leaves! I also think your W2 is super. Very unique and it looks like beautiful geometric beads!


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