Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day 292 - Every Inchie Monday

      Challenges that make you crave certain foods should be illegal.  I mean, Adele Bruno's "pasta" challenge last week?  Ban it!  Ben Kwok's ice cream template?  Toss it!  Every Inchie Monday's challenge this week?  Yogurt?  Arrest them!  (The challenge they did a while back for chocolate was pure criminal). 
      Nevertheless, I braved the cravings and did my inchie.  But look at that strawberry and that creamy bowl . . . I will be right back in a few.  I need to . . . stretch my legs, which of course will take me right by the refrigerator.  I should probably take a second to see if the light comes on when I open the door. . .

      Back.  Yep it came on just fine.  Will wonders never cease?  Now I managed to survive this challenge but I am warning Every Inchie Monday if they ever do a "birthday cake" challenge, I am pressing charges!  Be warned!
     Have a wonderful day!  Thank you for dropping by and saying hello!


  1. Your post made me smile, great inchie.

  2. LOL :D Really lovely yogurt. And Christmas is just starting to come up, with all the pitfalls on the way to it :D If you can't beat 'em, join them.

  3. Imagine that light coming on - I'll have to go check mine - but there won't be any yogurt in the fridge as I can't stand the stuff - is it harder to draw something you crave or something you don't like? Great inchie

  4. HA! We had "Cake" at the two by Two by Tuesday not that long ago and I think it motivated some of us to bake, too! You are too funny, Cathy! Have a brilliant day! c

  5. haha love your post today, I will second the charges for birthday cake as well, haha. I am glad that you investigated the light. Great work all around

  6. Your yogurt does look delicious. Is that an actual drip I see? LOL!

  7. Birthday cake? Good idea ;-) But this year only tea follows as food.
    I think your yogurt inchie came out very well.


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