Monday, October 19, 2015

Day 293 - Suzy Mosh Challenges!

      I love the challenges that Suzy Mosh runs  They both are a lot of fun.  I worked on both of them this afternoon.  The first one is the "That's New To Me" challenge #42.   We had to use new tangles starting with the letter P and a tangle or two by artist Sayantika Ray.  I chose to use phen, panthe, pand and snails.  I also used some gray marker and a tiny bit of red gel pen.

      The second challenge was Tangle Me 3 #18.  The tangle to vary was dex.  I like this tangle. It is simple and looks so interesting.  My tile is fairly average, but I had fun playing with it.  I did the normal looking dex, then did one with tipple as a filler and one with an emingle type filler.  Lots of ways to play with this one.  I thought about color to vary it but changed my mind.

      Earlier this afternoon, art club met.  I have such a great group of boys and girls this time.  They are very hard working and loads of fun!
     Thank you for dropping by and I hope you have a blessed day!


  1. Great work on both tiles! Thanks for being a part of my challenges!

  2. I love your dex tile 😊 and the land with a pop of red in your Tntm.

  3. The red in your TNTM tile really does it.


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