Friday, October 16, 2015

Days 288 and 289, String Challenge and Some Other Fun

     Oh getting up today was sooooo hard.  It was a major challenge all by itself!  I am not and never will be a morning person.  Now, I can sit up til the wee hours of the morning, but not get up early, even after a complete night's sleep.
      I absolutely loved Adele Bruno's string challenge this week.  The string was a bit challenging but the tangles - ahh, teenos, and ta-da - were so much fun.   I used teenos as a part of ta-da instead of the normal look.  Kind of like that.

      For day 289, I finished up a piece I have been playing with on and off for several days.  I am surprised how tired I am this evening.  This is after all a short week.  But they seem so much longer.  I know it makes no sense.  Back to the piece.  I was inspired by a piece I saw somewhere on the internet and while I didn't copy any of the tangles, I used the string idea.

      Thanks  for dropping by and saying hello!  I have my parent conference day tomorrow so that will be lots of fun.  I enjoy that.  Have a blessed day.

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