Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Testing and Tornadoes

     I . . . am . . .tired.  Okay after a normal day of school, I am tired but testing really wears you out.  Walking in circles and reading in a robot voice is not fun.  Apparently I am also brain dead.  Or so you would think.  I got home on Friday after three days of this and thought I would splash some cold water on my face so I could make it through dinner without falling asleep.  Good idea.  Except I really should have thought about taking off my glasses first!  Then I got ready to put some creamer into my hot chocolate.  I shook it up - like always - except I usually put the lid on it.  Oh my.  My brother may be ready to cart me off to the "funny farm".  I perhaps will recover! 
     Then there is the weather of the last few days.  Since staying with my grandmother a lot as a child, I have had to work hard to overcome some storm anxiety.  But let the weather be like it has been for the last few days - the mention of tornadoes and severe storms . . . my overcoming goes sort of out the window.  Hopefully that is now over for awhile.  They missed my area, but were very close. 
     Every Inchie Monday's word was implausible.  This was a very tough assignment.  But what is more unrealistic and unlikely than a flying pig?
     It seems implausible, but after over 100 Diva challenges, I actually did not get one up on time.  Yes, it did drive me nuts, but I had to spend the weekend and a few evenings working on the book submissions I told you about last post.  But even if it wasn't on time, I decided to post it anyway.  So here is Diva's challenge for Earth Day.  He turned out so cute I had to share.
     Now for this week's challenge.  We had to use the tangle "Camelia".  I think it is a very pretty tangle, but until now I hadn't used it very much.  It never seemed to fit where I needed it.  After playing with it a bit, I may have to work harder to find a place to use it. 
      Now if I could only find time and inspiration to finish the couple of journal pages I am behind in.  Maybe this week-end.  We will see.
      Thank you for dropping by and visiting.  Leave me some much needed sunshine! 


  1. Wonderful artwork and a fantastic inchie. Hope the weather has improved for you

    Chrissie x

  2. I lovge your drawings. The pig and the earth look so happy.

  3. Oh I love your Inchie!! Good idea! Your Earth day is way too cute and I love your Camila too! Awesomeness!! Share Humanity

  4. I see sunshine in your Earth-day tile, it's so very friendly and cute.
    Your Camilia is great, I love the way you present this.
    I'm pleased to hear that you are safe from this horrible weather.

  5. Fabulous inchie, and great tangles.

  6. That's the cutest inchie and I love your Earth Day too. Weather sounds as if it has been horrendous.

  7. Oh I love your flying piggy! He's cute.

  8. Wonderful tiles, and I especially love your flying pig. Hoping for sunshiny and restful days ahead for you.

  9. Well, you may have had a heavy week but your tiles are great! Really lovely. Axxx

  10. Love all of the work you did. Glad you were safe during th bad weather. We also were spared. Keep your chin up. Things will get better.

  11. Beautiful works of art & so cheerful! Loving your earth and pig. I hope you made it through the storms safely. Peace.

  12. All three pieces are great! Your Earth Day tile made me smile because it is so darn stinkin' cute!

    Keep smiling,



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