Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy, happy spring!

     Every Inchie's word for this week was "head".  I love to try to see how far from the beaten path I can go.  A ship's bathroom is a head . . . .  the Monkees's movie was Head . . . you can get a-head in a race . . . it was just going to heads or tails which one I would go. . . no, wait!  That is it.  I grabbed a penny and started to glue it on my inch.  Rather dull.  So I decided to do a crayon type rubbing.  That would work!  Perfectly.
    Diva's challenge was to use the new official tangle - Rixty.  I like this tangle.  I had planned on using it for some of my string, but it just started growing!  It is almost a monotangle.  I put a bit of tipple in between just to add some interest.
     Journal 52 has become a highlight of my week.  I love doing the pages, but I don't always have time to get them done.  I usually start one and add a bit on and off until I am finished.  Week 14 we were supposed to do something connected to the weather.  I love spring and I love the sunshine.  So I did a page celebrating both - and added one of my favorite Disney songs.  I find myself humming it throughout the day.  It just makes me smile.
Week 14
    For week 15, we had to do a party animal!  Bear was having a birthday party and decided to invite his closest friends - though he had better watch Elephant!  (can you tell I spend a lot of time with little folks?)
Week 15
     Well, there you have it!  I have been busy.   Thanks for dropping by and visiting.  Hope you leave me some sunshine.


  1. Love the heads inchie! Great idea and looks beautiful! Gorgeous Rixty tile! I am too caught up in my quilling at the moment. Will be back to tangling sooner or later.

  2. I adore all of your work. The inchie is an awesome idea and i love the journal page. great work this week

  3. All are really great! I also like the way they are so different in style.

  4. Awesome on the inchie! Love that you did a rubbing. very nice!

  5. Wonderful your variety of artwork! Especially I like your adorable and imaginative animal party!

  6. Great rixty tile and such fun other stuff! Love bears party!

  7. How funny Cathy, I almost used a coin for this one!! Nice job!! And your journaling is fabulous!! That is going to be one great treasure when you complete it!! Someday, I would love to do that!! Someday!! Just lovely!! :0) Share Humanity

  8. Clever inchie idea - haven't done that for ages and now I want to rediscover!

  9. I must have missed seeing this post and just saw it today. I know I saw the Journal 52 pages over on Facebook (both great) but I'm glad I didn't miss your crayon rubbings. What a great idea. I used one as a stamp in an art journal page this week too. (Art at the Speed of Life, using household items to stamp things.) But, I never thought of a crayon rubbing. One more thing to add to the ideas bin :)


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