Friday, April 4, 2014

Art Work Out

     By the time spring break is over, I probably will need to buy some new microns!  I am definitely giving the ones I have a work out.  I need to look into a pack of 01's only.  I get these packs with sizes I don't use.  So I have lots of 02 and 03 and constantly run out of 01s.  Oh well, it is so much fun running out of ink.
    Remember I said not being able to do week 12 of the Journal 52 prompts was going to drive my linear self nuts?  So naturally I went right to work so I could have them in order.  I know that is crazy, but hey, all artists are a bit "off" in some way or another - it's what feeds our creativity.  At least I will tell myself that.  Fortunately I got hit with a good idea.  My interpretation is perhaps not the best.  Journal 52's week 12 prompt was "A Day in Your Life".  My Monday through Friday life is pretty routine.  Good thing I like routines, right?
week 12
     I have a major stack of templates from Ben Kwok's facebook group.  They are in my "to do" box.  I print them each week so I won't lose track of which ones are there.   I decided to pull one out and get busy.  I think there may be even more time over my last few days of break to get another one or two done.  I hope so.
     Now another facebook challenge - Wacky Zentangles.  We had to make a "fantasy" fish tank.  I used one of my zentangle books for some inspiration, then pulled out a drawing book to get some ideas for the fish.  This was fun because I really did not have a plan or design - I just let the micron take over!
    I finished up my tile for Adele Bruno's string challenge.  It sort of looks like it could be a part of my fish tank.
string challenge # 34
     Now I could have cleaned closets.  Could have cut down some brush in the back yard.  There are lots of could haves.  It is spring break and I made the most of it.  Come Monday I will be back - full throttle ahead.  Do you realize when I go back, I only have 7  more Mondays before summer?!!  Oh my.  Better order new pens for sure!
     Thanks for dropping by and also thanks to those new names I see in my followers list.  That is exciting.  Please leave me some sunshine in the comment box!

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