Sunday, April 13, 2014

Challenge #162

  It has taken me 6 hours today to get my lesson plans done for this week.  For the most part I love planning - yes, seriously - but not when it takes an enormous hunk out of my weekend.  I love it when I at least have some part of it completed before the weekend.  This past week has just been so hectic, there was no time.  So it all came down to one day.  Major yuck. 
    So all of that being said I need some time to draw.  I must find a moment this evening to create something.  Even if I only create a mess!  I finished Diva's challenge in spare moments throughout the week, but only got this written and it ready to scan now.  It may be too late - but here it goes anyway.  Diva asked us to use our initials this week for a string.  I decided I wanted mine to stand out a bit so I added some red.
    Thanks for dropping by.  I appreciate your comments!

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  1. In spite of all hectic, you managed to make a beautiful tile.


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