Friday, April 25, 2014

Shall I Read You the Directions?

     Reading the directions! That is my week - reading test directions.   I sort of feel a bit, a huge amount, totally brain dead!  This is our state testing time for our school.  I don't feel quite as stressed as I did in the classroom, but pretty close.  I have tested small groups of children who need modifications.  It is something I have never done, so in that way, it has been fun.  In addition to testing I have been able to help out in different areas since I am not having my regular classes.  It has been interesting, but I am very tired. 
    Drumroll . . . . an awesome bit of news on the way . . . . remember when I said a bit back I was working on a dream of mine?  It is actually happening.  A month ago I submitted some art work of mine to a publication of a tangle book.  Four pieces were selected!!  Did you hear me scream?!!  I was hoping for one, but FOUR - oh my.  So this weekend I plan on finishing up some things for the publisher.  The book is probably going to be out in December and will be sold on Amazon and perhaps other places - I will certainly keep you posted.

Every Inchie Monday

   This week's word was hot.  I had several ideas, but it seemed all week long I was too tired or too busy to do my inchie.  Finally - here it is.
     Also very late, is a tile I did over Easter.  I know we are past that, but I had to share.  I cut some craft paper and then tangled the eggs.

      Guess I had better go now.  I am in need of a nap and some serious tangle time!  Thanks for dropping by and leaving me some sunshine!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow, Cathy, I am so excited for you!!! Make sure you do keep us posted about the tangle book project!! Congrats!! Oh, and I love your chills and your eggs! Nice work for a tired person!!! Hang in there!! :0) Share Humanity

  2. Cathy those eggs are awesome! I love them. And the inchie is cool. Great taht you got 3 peppers on the inchie. great job.

  3. Cathy, I am so happy for you that your are having some of your wonderful tangling published for the whole world to admire. Congratulations! Sometimes it is very difficult to get everything we want to do done, so a little late is always acceptable. Love your eggs and the chilis are very nicely done also.


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