Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tangle Fun

     I seriously don't know what I will do when I have to give up my "crafting days" as my brother and I call them.  But summer is dwindling and that will have to happen.  It doesn't mean I won't craft - that is necessary to my mental well-being.  It just means I won't be able to devote entire days to card making, tangling and such.  (insert weeping sounds)
    In the meantime, there is lots of time for challenges and dares!    I print all three sizes of templates for Bright Owl's dares.  The first one I did does not appeal to me at all.  It got way too busy looking and I am not sure how I could have fixed it.  Number two needed some color and purple is my favorite color so I played around with the color pens.  My favorite is the third one.  For some reason it reminds me of a wrought iron trivet my grandma used to have.  I am not sure why, but that is the first thing that came to mind when I looked at the finished piece.
chard, facets and bandola
amaze, a-sku, zanzee
flourish, verve, tipple, pokeleaf
      Diva's challenge sent us to tangle patterns to check out string 004.  If you haven't discovered this mega tangle site, please go over.  This is where I first started my journey into tangling and I love it!  The information is awesome and there is always something new.
    After doing one with string 004, I decided to try something else.  For the second one, I wanted it to be less grid driven and more free style.  Hard to believe they both use the same string, isn't it?
     Every Inchie Monday's word of the week was "wild".  I grabbed some scrapbook paper and went to work.  I thought the cheetah might show up better if raised on some pop dots. 
      I love looking at these three sites and seeing the amazing (and inspiring) talent of the artists.  One of the things I love about my leisure time is I now get to go over and comment on the other work.   Fun!  Have a great week and thanks for dropping by and leaving me some sunshine.


  1. I like Your fist zendala very much. You have escaped the usual tile and desing Your own, very special. Wonderful works.

  2. I love your tangles. Most I like the third and fifth. Brilliant inchie. Thank's for participating.

  3. nice I like all of them, the first and third are my favorite

  4. I love the wild inchie!

    I don't understand why you have to give up crafting time because of winter. Is it because of poor light? I'd hate to restrict my crafting days!

    1. No not poor light. Usually tons of school work! I teach - beginning the last of August. I love it, but it does take a lot of time, outside class.

  5. Your inchie is lovely and your tangles are fabulous.
    xxx Hazel.

  6. I love tangling but have never thought to try a challenge - might have a look (thanks for that) - but I adore your third and fifth - I prefer the free flowing look but they are all great. And your inchie is super too like the complementary spots and stripes backgrounds. You have been busy! Great work.

  7. It was fun to see that you used my pattern Flwr Box in the first Diva challenge tile, and your second Diva tile is absolutely awesome, so whimsical! Love it!

  8. The third zendala looks amazing. It is my favorite piece too. :D

    Your second attempt of this week's challenge with string #004 is so creative! I really love how it turned out. It looks like an amazing fantasy world. Very very VERY cool.

  9. Great that you have so much time to tangle so many beautiful things.
    The ones I like best are the third and second. In the zendala I love the pedals and in your zentangle I love the organic way it turned out.

  10. love all the designs and I love all the textures on the inchie, gotta love a cheetah

  11. Oh, you are very busy! All zendalas are beautiful! Especially I love colored one. The tiles of the string-challenge are lovely. The second is my favorite because it´s so delicate and lively. Very nicely done!

  12. Super love your third zendala--wow!!

  13. Love the whole collection! That cheetah won me over.

  14. All the art you shared is wonderful. On the string challenge, it's amazing how differently the two turned out. Both are lovely; and I think the free style one is my favorite.


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