Sunday, July 14, 2013

Knightsbridge and Dare #65

    The art work is not hard.  The blog writing is not difficult.  It's that stupid title!  I struggle with what to call each post.  Now isn't that ridiculous?  I mean seriously, who really cares?  And how often do people read and ponder the wisdom (or lack of) my title!?  But nevertheless, I do.  I have the post written in my head, the art work is waiting, and I sit and stare at the title space.  Oh good grief! 
    Roy at Mindful-Creations asked us to use knightsbridge as our monotangle.  I really think of this tangle as one of those "blah" tangles.   It is not that I don't like it, I just don't care about it one way or the other.  It was fun to take a look at other ways to put it to use, but honestly, I probably won't begin to start using it a lot.
     Erin"s Bright Owl dare was a really great template this week.  I loved it.  I have discovered I tend to lean toward loving templates that have odd numbered sections.  Isn't that weird?

     I found this picture of some architecture on pinterest.  A door frame or something in Zanzibar.  I am trying to work out the steps to make it a tangle.  That is my first attempt at it around the border.  Maybe when I have it finalized in my brain I will post the steps. 
     I looked at the other entries tonight from this dare.  It was amusing to see how many people saw butterflies in the template.  I totally missed that until I saw their lovely work.  I could not see anything but flowers.  I put flowers in the first try, then again in the second.

       For the last try, I had to get rid of the flowers.  I wanted to do something different.  My brother says this is his favorite.  I am not sure it appeals to me.  But I did it and here it is either way!
     The little things in the center remind me of pizza slices.  Which is why I didn't even think about coloring it.  I would have had to make those rosey tangles pepperoni!  Oh my!
     I hope you have had a wonderful week.  I got several more cards made - yahoo! We also were treated to a few hours of sunshine for a day or two.  Thanks for dropping by and leaving me some sunshine.  Now I am off to finish enjoying the other wonderful art work on these sites and leave a comment or two myself.


  1. Wow, I agree with your brother, the last one is flowing and well balanced, after that I like the first zendala a lot.
    I like what you did with Knightsbridege!
    And about a title?????? Well I 'hate' it if I come up with nothing more then just 'Dare 65' or something.
    But like you say, who really cares?

  2. Lots of lovely artwork Cathy.
    Titles are really weird - I often find that I just call it what it is - if I do a one off ie not part of any challenges then I may or may not come up with something. No biggy really - a lot of artists don't like adding titles as to not influence the viewer. :)

  3. I agree titles are hard to come up with for all of the different tiles. I really like the way you have done you tiles and the pizza one made me laugh cause I all ways find myself looking for something in the tiles. Nice work

  4. I'm not sure anyone pays any attention to the title. It's your beautiful tangles that people come to see. I love the little piece of Knightsbridge that slides through the paper best. I also like the first Dare because it looks like little bouquets garni and I happen to be hungry at the moment :)

  5. What a lot of wonderful artworks! Knightbridge is so various and creative!! Also all zendalas are lovely! The first and the third one are my favorites. The first is so delicate with a nice contrast. The third appears so lively and well-balanced! Nicely done!

  6. All three zendalas are pretty, but I too, like the first and third ones the best. The border on the first one is very nice. I think that would make a fabulous tangle to post. I really like the third design too - it's fun to look at. And yes, they look like pizza slices LOL

  7. All lovely! You did a wonderful job, and my fav. is the last one.

  8. Really like the border on your first one. Will be anxious to see the step-out.


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