Monday, July 1, 2013

Crescent Moon and Dare #63

     Roy at Mindful Creations asked us to use the tangle crescent moon.  I like this one very much, but don't really ever think about how to vary it.  So I took this opportunity to play with some variations.  I tried single moons.  I tried zig-zag lines.  I tried boxy lines.  This got to be so much fun when I finished the tile for the challenge, I pulled out my Tangle-A-Day calendar and kept playing.  I may never see crescent moon as plain again!

    The moment I opened up Bright Owl's template, I said "I love it!"  I don't know why it so instantly appealed to me, but it did.  So I set out to see how to make this template work.   These long, lazy summer days are spoiling me.  When school starts and I can barely get one done . . . . I better enjoy it now!

    I pulled out the cricut and cuttlebug to make some birthday cards this past week.  That is an all day event because I make an enormous mess with all my crafting supplies.  The mess was worth it though.  I love the cards and hope the people I give them to will also.  For years, I have made birthday cards for each teacher or worker in my school.  I love doing something special for their day.
Cards using Life is a Beach cartridge from Cricut

     I hope you had a wonderful week and if you celebrate the 4th of July, it is a great day for you and your family.  Thanks for dropping by and leaving me some sunshine!


  1. The Crescent Moon tile is beautiful, I love the contrast.
    I love your zendala's; so different and so beautiful.

  2. Your zendalas are lovely. I especially like the borders you used on two of them.

  3. Your zendala's are well done, i can see the template.

  4. Wonderful Zendalas! Each of them has a separate Impression. My favorite is the first one. The Crescent Moon tile is lovely.

  5. the crescent moon and zendala's are gorgeous. I love your take on moonwalk.

  6. Your all zentangles are very beautiful and well done. Especially I love the last zendala. It is like a dream, so light and beautiful.

  7. I love your zendalas! They're all so different and each is beautiful in its own right. I love the soft, lacey details of the first, the great flower design in the second, and the incredible depth of the third. Great work!

  8. What pretty and varied zendalas! My favorite is the middle one with the pink and green; but the others are lovely too. Great shading and choice of tangles.


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