Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Challenge #125 - Birdie Feet

      This tangle - birdie feet - presented some challenges for me.  I loved how Diva used auras around her tangle.  That was so attractive.  So for the first attempt - an ATC - I decided to "borrow" her idea of using an aura.  I also decided to tuck the little birdie who left all the tracks behind some foliage.

     I mentioned awhile back I was working through the tangle book by Beckah Krahula, One Zentangle a Day.  On one of her lessons she presented the tangle "rain".  I had only seen that tangle as a border and wasn't really impressed with it.  She showed it on straight lines like stems.  That was pretty striking, so in honor of all our rainy weather this week, I used it in my second tangle.  I also tried to make "birdie feet" become less obvious as to what it was.  I just drew a random string and worked without much of a plan.  At first I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but in the end, I actually find it rather appealing. 
Rain Dance

     Challenges all done for the week - at least until Thursday.  So now I think I will head over to my other blog and write for awhile, Chalkdust to Smartboards.  I'd love you to drop over and pay me a visit there.  Also please note that due to Google Reader shutting down, I now have a Bloglovin' button on my page.  That was an adventure to change things over, but (yahoo!) I am proud to say I did it all by myself. 
     In the midst of all my school reading, I did make it to the library today and have an armload of new James Patterson books among some others.  Mindless fun!  Hope your week is going well and if you celebrate the 4th - hope your day is awesome!  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Both tiles are lovely. The second is my favorite. I like the way you used Birdie Feet in it.

  2. I agree with lonetta, the second one is great, how you did birdie feet into a ribbon!

  3. The first one is so cute; and I love your little blue birdie peeking out. The second one is great too with the birdie feet ribbons.

  4. I do not have a favorite here, because they are both lovely in their own way.

  5. Wonderful zentangles! Nice to see a bird, too. It is so cute.
    The bird has been very busy. It has made so many feets.

  6. Nice job. I think that most of the challenge this week was how to use the tangle and not the tangle itself.


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