Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Inner Artist

     I love Erin's challenge at the Bright Owl this week.  Draw your favorite tangles - the ones that make you feel like an artist.  I have always known I was an artist.  At least deep down, buried under loads of self-confidence problems, I was certain I was one.  I remember in high school, walking by the art room, peering in and being mesmerized by the fascinating things they were doing.  But I was afraid to sign up for an art class.  I wouldn't be good enough.  I read books about art and techniques.  I spent hours with my sketch pads, but I would not acknowledge what a passion art was within me.  I shared projects with people at school and basked in their approval.  Then a few years ago the principal called me in and asked if I would become the art teacher at the new school they were opening.  Whew.  My first response was "no, I can't".  I protested I had never had an art class.  He just sat there and listened to me and when I finally allowed him a chance to speak, he said "but you are what I want."  Within me a tiny spark of artistic confidence began to grow.  For four of the best years of my career, I got to teach art and I had a blast.  I would go back to doing that in a heartbeat - but county finances won't allow for "unnecessary" classes.
     Then I discovered blogging and zentangle.  Oh what a joy that has become.  I feel I am part of an art community.  I remember the first comment I got - about a year ago - I happy danced all over the den!!  A "real" art person saw value in my work!  I was shocked.  Particularly when I went to her blog and saw her stunning work.  My self confidence has steadily grown.  I am grateful to zentangle for that.  I am thankful for every person who takes time to stop by and look.  Now on to the actual art work.
     This week I am have all 3 of my challenges on one post.  School is pretty busy so combining is easier.  I love the entry I did for Bright Owl.  I guess it is just because I love brown tones.  I used some of my favorites - nzeppel (I used to hate this tangle), crescent moon, and one of my absolute favorites -pea nuckle.

       Diva wanted us to play around with Margaret Bremner's tangle - Dansk.  I like this one, but I am not sure if I have captured the idea of it.  Guess I keep working.  For my string I used a very large Arabel and then filled it in with other tangles.  I love arabel.  It has become a big favorite of mine.

     This inchie was tough!  The word of the week was "ruin".  I struggled to come up with a unique idea.  Finally my first thought seemed to be the best - "the road to ruin".  Ah well.

     The Blog Friendship Cup will be leaving my house early next week to go to a new home!!  Yahoo!  It will travel to Amy in TN (from Cathy in TN, isn't that neat?!)  We have sent a few emails back and forth and I really do feel like I have made a new friend.  We both are teachers and tanglers!  This was such a great experience.  Head over to her site in a bit and see how she is going to find it a new home.  You just might get to "play".
     Guess I better head out now.  I have a ton of things to do.  The weather is finally pretty - for a while - a certain pooch is wondering why we are not throwing a frisbee, football, soccer ball, anything for him to catch!  Can't believe Lakota will be four years old on Friday.  Oh my.  Time flies.


  1. What a beautiful zendala. Cathy! I love the 'windmill' in the centre, where the btown spot makes it move.
    And ooooooo, how do I recognize the feeling os the first comment. And to be honest, I'm still confused if there is a comment from some other tangler that I see as an artist.

  2. Nice job on all of them. Sometimes we have to get out of our own way.

  3. Your challenge response is fantastic!

  4. Beautiful work, your line work is amazing! I want to try inchies!

    1. Daniele, come on over & join us! the more the merrier!!

  5. love the designs, all of them, I definitely love the idea of the inchie! what a great take on the theme!!!!

  6. I like the "inchie." It reminds me of someting that would be on a tarot card.


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