Thursday, January 31, 2013

Time for a challenge!

  It is Every Inchie Monday and the Diva's challenge!  Great fun!  Of course mine are not done on Monday.  But they were still fun. 
     My inchie takes so much thought for such a "little guy".  I googled hut images and decided on one to draw, nothing fancy just the basic.  I really wanted to do an inchie with Jabba the Hut from Star Wars.  But never found the time. 
     For the challenge over at Diva's we were to use tangle string #3.  I added just a touch of color to try and help it out some. 
  Got to run now, but I plan on writing more later (this weekend) and telling you about the Blog Cup winner.  See you and thanks for dropping by!


  1. Love your simple little hut. Love the zentangle too.

  2. Your tile for the challenge is rich and beautiful!

  3. Beautiful tangle work on your tile and your inchie is cute too :)

  4. love this one, alot of detail great job! Loved the idea of Jaba the Hut you would have done a great job on it!

  5. They do take a lot of thought, don't they, but I love your end result. The trees and grass around your hut give it a cocooned feel that conveys wonderful warmth. Hadn't heard of the "tangle" project. Looks interesting and I like your result on that as well. (But enough on my plate for now.)

  6. Your hut drawing is amazing I love it

    Best wishes Chrissie xxx


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