Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunshine and Flowers!

    Since before Christmas the weather has been gray.  Gloomy, drippy gray.  It can be rather depressing.  I am not an "outdoor" person, but I do enjoy bouts of play with Lakota and fresh air.  Not too mention, I am not at all fond of rainy day recesses at school.  This past week at school was particularly crazy.  Three days we had a 2 hour delay due to flooding and one day we dismissed early due to ice.  Oh good grief!
    So when the sun peeped out Friday and blue skies burst forth - oh my! What a delight!  My mood shot way up.  Then Erin at The Bright Owl sends us a superb template on Saturday.  Flowers!  Yahoo!  I just love the thought of sunshine and flowers!
    Hope your week is wonderful and filled with sunshine (or whatever your weather in your part of the world would be best).  Thanks for dropping by and leaving me a comment.  You bring me sunshine!


  1. Wow you did two, both gorgeous. Busy lady. I love the leaves in the coloured one and the way you used the lines of the template rather than the spaces. Then a good use of "peaknuckle" in the second one.

  2. The first one is my fav - love the color and the bold red balanced with delicate tangles and color further out. Great leaves!

  3. Both are great; my fav is the 2nd one, but as said, both are great!

    1. On my blog you asked me what I used for the coasters. I was able to buy some blanc ones in an art supply shop here in the Netherlands. This shop also has a webshop, but shipping things to USA may be very expensive. After tangling I varnished them.

  4. Both look nice but I think I prefer the second one. Like the interweaving of the outer ring.

  5. Great mandalas. Love the dynamics of the red centre and the second one is a real tour de force!

    BTW I bought blank square and round coasters (beermats) at Amazon here in Germany.


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