Monday, February 11, 2013

Happiness Inchie

    What is happiness?  Wow, it is a lot things to different people.  This morning after a torrential rain overnight, my very simple happy was that it was not raining when I had to go to the car to get to work.  Life's simple pleasures. 
     It is hearing that one of my very closest friends is looking at getting out of the hospital and is doing better. 
     It is my job working with the world's best third grade class.
     It is so many things - but perhaps the greatest happy of them all - is "walking in the Sonshine".
     I glued some old ribbon scrap that I loved because of the sparkle onto my inch.  Then I used one of the wonderful beads I won in the eebeads contest just a few weeks ago.


  1. What a lovely ribbon, love what you have done with it. Great inchie.

  2. Fabulous. Every one needs some sunshine to make them smile

  3. Love this one, also love the bead! Glad you are getting to use your beads!

  4. I LOVE that bead! What a great inchie.


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