Monday, February 18, 2013

Long Weekend

     I love long weekends.  I have relaxed, slept late, made several cards for challenges, posted my inchie, and now both The Bright Owl's and the Diva's challenges posted really early (for me).  I also spent a lot of time at the computer playing the Sims3.  Oooo, did I mention I love long weekends?  Oh yeah!
    I really love Erin's template this week.  It is a really great one.  I probaly will use it several more times.  I like how auraknot just sort of filled the center naturally.  Lots of fun with this one.

    Diva wanted us to use the new tangle "Quandry".  I think I am happy with my tile.  The more I look at it, the better I like it.  I made a few "bobbles" on quandry, but it didn't hurt the flow too much.  Besides I was using one of the official zentangle tiles Dianna sent me in the Friendship Cup and there was no way I was going to "trash" it.  No way.

          Now it is back to early mornings and work tomorrow.  Have a great week and thanks for dropping by.


  1. Beautiful piece off work and i love the star in the middle

  2. Your zendala is stunning! I think this template is so beautiful that we all are so inspired!

    The challenge is beautiful too.

  3. Beautiful work on both. Your Zendala is wonderful, the touches of sepia add a real antique feel to it. Your Quandry is great, Sanibelle is a great accompaniment.

  4. Very nice, I like the large Quandary with all the small ones.

  5. Your free form Quandary tile has a lovely organic feel.

  6. Very nice. It has a light and open feeling.

  7. Wow, your zendala is beautiful, great linework and depth in your tangles. Your Tile is great too with one big quadary, and a background of quandaries.

  8. A garden of beauty! I love how you worked out the zendala dare!


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