Monday, August 27, 2012

A Triple Header!!

     With school looming very closely, it has been a busy week or so.  So I am posting all three challenges, dares, etc. under one "roof".   That may happen frequently during the school year.  My days of being a lady of leisure are about over.  But what a wonderful and relaxing summer it has been!

Celtic Knot Challenge #2

   I am really loving Judy West's teaching us how to do celtic knots.  They look so complicated, but she breaks them down until they are very . . .well, not easy, but less complicated to do.  I just played around with the design and then decided it needed a bit of color.  Check out her "distructions" at Creative Doodling.  It is a cool sight if you have not discovered it.

Dare #20

     I can't figure out why this dare was so wicked!  I just could not get inspired.  I decided to keep lots of space - not usual for me and use my favorite tangle, Verve.  It also gets some of my other favorites - betweed, pea-nuckle, emingle, and beadlines.   After I finished it, I felt okay about it.  Kinda reminds me of a funky driving wheel.  Okay my brain is tired . . .  But go to The Bright Owl and see all the awesome entries.

Challenge #84

    Soooo glad to hear the Diva is back - mostly because it means Artoo (her really cute little guy) is out of the hospital.  My prayers go out to you and your family, Diva.
    The challenge this week at the Diva's site was to draw our string with our eyes closed.  I drew three tiles and discovered I tend to be much more curvy with my eyes closed.  I chose the one string I liked the best to work on.  I wanted to take a pre tangle picture but my camera phone and I had an argument and it won.  I also decided to pull out the sepia pens.   Just to be different.  
   The center area was my blind string, then I webbed around it fully aware of my moves - or maybe I shouldn't admit that.

Contest picture

  Over at The Craft Barn, there is a cool give-away of crafting goodies.  Check it out and enter.  Maybe one of us will get lucky.  Here are the goodies:

    Guess that wraps up another week.  I think I like posting these separate - I get confused.  Hope I haven't linked everyone to who knows where!!  That would be wild.  Take care, have a safe and happy week and HAPPY TANGLING!!


  1. Your Zendalas are wonderful and I love your blind string paper and solution. All beautifully done! Good luck with school.

  2. Great designs once again. I really love you zendala and the colors on your celtic knot.
    Your blind string challenge is just wonderful light and special!

  3. I love all of your ZIAs! I'm about to attempt Laura's blind challenge... can't wait! I'm also back to school - hope all goes well for you! Happy September :)

  4. hahaha! if you've linked us all over the place at least we'll get to visit some new places :) i love how you did the color in judy's celtic challenge. i have not been able to figure out how to get that soft look and i really, really like it! you used some great patterns in the zendala. haven't done that one yet, i am so behind! and i wasn't even aware of the diva's string challenge - i'll have to go check it out - so, thanks for posting that one or i would probably miss it. have a great week ;0

  5. What a beautiful challenge! I love the way you made the web around it!
    And the dare is very nice with Verve too.


  6. All your ZIAs are just beautiful. Great job on all of them! Good luck in school.

  7. Love your celtic knot Cathy. I love to challenge people and you certainly met the challenge. Also thank you for the nice words about my blog site. Really appreciate it.

  8. Ooo--great job on all! Your celtic knot is so pretty with the soft color. I've been watching these pop up but haven't been brave enough to try one yet...maybe, maybe...But your blind string tile is great and I love your zendala! Your verve and pea-nuckle make it feel all groovy and swirly! Well done!

  9. Thanks for sharing the info about the Judy West's blog - I didn't know about it. Great Zentangles; lovely celtic knot, LOVE your blind-sighted with the web added and done in sepia (beautiful!!!), and your open spaces in the zendala make the patterns ever so much stronger. Lovely all.

  10. I really love the beautiful "tail" at the lower half of the blind string... Gorgeous!

  11. All 3 amazing!I especially like the zendala dare 20! Beautiful!

  12. These are all great. I love how you surrounded your blind string with the web. And thanks for the link to Judy West's site for celtic knots. I plan to check that out.

  13. dare 20 and challenge 84 ... are beautiful!!!


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