Sunday, August 5, 2012

Zendala # 17 - In Honor Of . . . .

   Erin at The Bright Owl asked us to do a zendala template this week to celebrate the life of someone who had been involved with cancer.   As I mentioned in my last post, I have lots of people to choose from - 3 of my grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and students.  On the last post I chose to honor one of my former students, Samantha Gilley.  This post I will travel a lot closer to home.  Both of my parents lost a battle with cancer.

Doris Marie Cusson

Mother's battle with melanoma was stretched over about a 10 year period.  Most of the time you had no idea she had any problems.  She was dynamic and full of energy - a tiny, fiery redhead!  While she had the legendary red head's temper, she was full of caring and love for those around her.  It is hard to believe she has been gone for 36 years.  
     I wanted her zendala to be full of things that represented her.  Her favorite flower was yellow roses, so that was my start.  She also had a beautiful lilac bush outside our kitchen and I loved that flower.  Even today, I cannot smell or see lilacs without thinking of home.  For the tangles I chose Lezy because of the delicate quality.  I also liked facets (one of my favorites, anyway) because she had many facets to her personality and she was a true jewel!  Bateek reminded me of a cozy quilt and cubine, well, honestly because it fit! I kept debating on completely coloring it, but finally decided to let the rose and lilacs take center stage by being the only color.

James Moser Cusson

I lost Daddy 21 years ago to bone cancer.  He called one day to say he wasn't feeling well and thought he would go to the doctor.  Daddy never was sick or went to the doctor.  About a week later he was gone.   We didn't even have time to get home to North Carolina to see him.  It was fast and furious.
      Daddy spent his life designing buildings and doing floor plans for people.  I even got to work with him for awhile.  So his zendala had to have things to represent precision and drafting.  I found the tangle stubs in Sandy Bartholomew's book and used that on the corners.  The next idea was to use paradox.  It has a double meaning.  He helped me draw this for a drafting contest back in high school (it is also called Huddy's Doodle).  Paradox also fits because Daddy was such a paradox type of personality.  He was fun-loving, yet moody.  He was loving, yet had a hard time showing it.  Betweed because it helped add to the precision aspect and Volan because he loved cars and that reminds me of little steering wheels.  I also tried to put some Rain in.  One of my favorite memories was when I was younger and Daddy sent us out to play in the rain.  Mama couldn't believe he told us we could go out and get soaked - he usually was much more restrained!  I added little rulers of my own.

     Personally, I love these two zendalas.  They are filled with memories and love.  I had a hard time finishing them because I kept getting lost in thoughts.  Two wonderful, loving people and I was blessed to call them mama and daddy.

Hope your journey this week was a happy one.  Take care and tell someone you love them.


  1. Both of your zendalas are lovely and the first one is so beautiful with the flowers And a great tribute to your mother. You also used a great choice of tangles. Very nice tribute to your parents. I agree with you, it was hard this week emotionally and hoping for a more uplifting zendala next week.

  2. Both of your Zendalas are a loving tribute to your parents and lovely artwork.

  3. Stunningly beautiful....both! How hard to lose those we love and so grateful for good memories!

  4. Both of your zendalas are beautifully drawn. I couldn't possibly name one better than the other; and I'm glad you enjoyed drawing them to honor your parents. I found this exercise to be strangely uplifting; by using our art to remember those we love, and perhaps have lost. But a tribute is a "good thing".

  5. These are very nice designs. Well done.

  6. Isn't it a great thing to honour your parents this way? Next to that, the zendala's are very beautiful, you have chosen very nice tangles.

    Annemarie Huijts

  7. both beautifully unique - a lovely tribute and you will always have wonderful memories.

  8. gosh, cathy, i don't know if i'm going to be able to get through the posts this week. you have made such a lovely, and beautiful tribute to your parents. and as beautiful as your tiles are - and they are! - i enjoyed reading your stories even more! such wonderful memories - i can't believe it's been that many years - it feels as though you are describing yesterday.

    i just got through crying over leeann's post at ledenzer, now i'm sitting here pratically sobbing reading yours. i think i'm going to turn my computer off for awhile.

  9. These are just beautiful. Both represent and honor your parents with such grace. Love them.

  10. What a wonderful tiles to honor your beloved mama and daddy. Very special and loving. It must have been a difficult week to you.

  11. Both are absolutely beautiful--wonderful, thoughtful tributes!

  12. Love the rose in the center of the first. The line-work in the other one is fabulous!


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