Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Challenge #82

     Yahoo!  This week is off to such a great start!  Seriously.  I took part in a blog hop about Kass Hall's  new book, Zentangle Untangled.  There were several different give-a-ways.  Of course, loving prizes, I entered all.  I won not once, but twice!!  I got a really neat rubber stamp that can be used as a tangle string  and a beautiful piece of art work (a tangled map) by Jill Berry.  Wow!
     Then to make the week even sweeter - I just read an e-mail from my last year's student teacher.  She has a job! I am so thankful because she is a dynamite person.  Hope you are reading this, my friend and lots of luck.  There is a lucky bunch of fourth graders out there!
      The Diva this week asked us to use the tangle Brayd for our challenge.  Not one I have spent much time with after putting it into my tangle notebook.  So I pulled out my sketchpad to play a bit with it.  It looked okay, but not quite right.  So I went back to Michelle Beauchamp's site to see the directions again.  I read it a bit more carefully and saw that she compared the strokes to Yincut.  I had an "aha" moment and things came together.
      My first tile was to keep it simple.  I pulled out a piece of paper I had watercolored on and just focused on getting it right.  I added some mysst, pokeleaf, and twistee.  It became a rainforest.
     On the next tile, I played around with trying to vary Brayd using some other tangles.  Then when it all got tangled up, I connected everything with some hollibaugh-like lines.
     I wasn't sure about this tangle at first, but after much playing, decided it is really a lot of fun.  I love these challenges because they force me to try some different things.  Helps me grow.  I think before my summertime leisure runs out, I am going back to the Diva's first challenges and work my way to where I started.  That should be fun!
     Hope your week is going great and filled with lots of blessings!  Also good luck to you, Alice, on becoming a CZT this week-end.  I am very envious and want you to post all about it!


  1. Both so have a very beautiful style when you take your pen in hand!

  2. Both tiles are so nice, but I love the rainforest.
    Great idea to start with the first challenge and go in. I already did this with Erin's dare.

    Annemarie Huijts

  3. These are both fantastic--I LOVE the delicate blue and how soft the pokeleaf is--gorgeous! And congrats on your wins--that map is cool!! I've thought about going back and working through all of Laura's challenges, now Annemarie has me thinking of doing all the zendalas, too--think how much we'll learn and grow!! Beautiful work this week!

  4. full of wonder - I love the serenity of the first one.

  5. Oh, a very creative idea, turning brayd into roped vines! Such fun!

  6. The first one is my favorite! I adore the colors.

  7. Lovely. Your watercolor rainforest is beautiful and your second tangleations works beautifully. These challenges do help us out of our comfort zone!

  8. These are both lovely; but I'm particularly partial to the delicacy of the watercolor. It's awesome. I went back and did Erin's dares, but I only had 5 to catch up. On the challenges, I'm thinking about it; because they are so much fun, and I learn so much, but I have at least 50 to catch up. Yikes! I'm going to CZT training in September, and I can hardly wait. I'm learning as many official ZT tangles as I can before I get there.

  9. Both your Tangles are just super! I especially, like the first one. Love the muted coloring and your treatment of Brayd - it almost looks like a tree. Great work!

  10. Really lovely. The first one really caught me eye. The colors are so soft and soothing. Great work!

  11. I love both, but actually the second is my favorite because of the intricacies.


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