Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Challenge #75 - Cadent

    Wonderful choice, Diva!  I love cadent.  It was one of the first tangles I learned, and proceeded to use it all the time.  I love the "swoopie" feel to it.   It is just plain fun!
     I started out with a big cadent swooping across the tile.  Then decided it should have some support.  What better tangle to support cadent than girders girdy.  Then spilling from all this support are a lot of variations of cadent.  Lots of fun to play with on a hot summer day!

    Of course I am not through playing by a long shot!  So I penciled in "linq" on my next tile and filled it with cadent!  They seemed to just beg to be together.  Before I started drawing the variation in the cadents, I took a second look and thought they looked a lot like the tail of a seahorse.  So I cut a larger (5x7) piece of paper and took cadent for a swim!  It works perfectly and I love the seahorse!  I've never framed any of my tangles, but he may have to find a home in one.
     Now that I have satisfied the cadent-urge, I am going back to my on-going project.  I am doing a tile for each letter of the alphabet.  I have only gotten "A" done, but it is a chance to explore some tangles I don't often use and revisit old ones I love.  Hidden in the tile is a tiny letter A.  I thought I would try to hide the letter in each tile.
   Thank you for dropping by and now I am off to check out the other entries.  By the way, if anyone could tell me - in very simple non computer talk - how to put a slideshow on my blog, I would love it.  I have tried and it doesn't show up.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks!


  1. I love how you played with cadent! My favorite is cadent spilling out - great idea!

  2. Well, ....!
    I love your seahorse!!!!
    I cant help you with the slideshow, sorrie!

  3. That seahorse is so beautiful. It is definitely worthy of a nice frame.

  4. Your seahorse is absolutely delightful.

  5. I found the 'A':) Gorgeous tiles!

  6. You made your tiles fun. My favorite is the first tile, love the second and your seahorse is adorable.

  7. Wow!!!! They are all very beautiful, but the seahorse is quite special. Also the last one with 'A'; a great idea.

    Annemarie Huijts

  8. Beautiful seahorse... as for the slideshow, try this link:

  9. My favorite is the seahorse though all are fantastic! I love the way you have explored different options with this lovely tangle!

  10. Beautiful tiles! You should frame that lovely seahorse and your alphabet idea is terrific. You've inspired me!

  11. I love all your tiles, especially the seahorse.

    I also like the alphabet idea - but I've looked and looked and I can't see the letter A anywhere.......aaarghhhh!

  12. Check out the upper right hand section.


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