Sunday, June 3, 2012

All you need is LOVE!

      I speak with total authority - there is no language on earth where the word "love" is spelled using just the letters B (betweed), P (pea-nuckle), or K (keeko).   And yes I looked.  I thought I had a way around the dare Erin at The Bright Owl gave us this week - just use other letters for my favorite tiles.  My other thought was simply to go ahead and use the "old tried and trues", and claim a "tangle-typo", but I sort of thought nobody would buy that.  Right?
     So I dashed over to Tangle Patterns and praised the fact that they are arranged in alphbetical order.  I also pulled out all my tangle books and checked the index.  The search was fun - took awhile, but fun.  I also discovered some tangles I rarely if ever use.  That is the point anyway, isn't it? 
     I thought red would be great color for my first attempt since it goes really well with hearts and love and all that jazz.  I was moving along really good until I picked up a pen to color in the little circles on "longwood" and guess what, it wasn't red!  Somebody should move the pens she is not using!  So I put a little black circle in the corner of each one of the longwood boxes.  Then I had to add some of the other tangles in black to semi-balance this whole calamity out.  Actually it wasn't too bad when I finished, just not what I planned.
Longwood, OrNot,Veezely, Echoism
      On to zendala number two - first, hide the red pens.  Back to the books and internet and here is my result.  I really prefer the second one.  I guess because I just could get on with the business of tangling and not have to think about how to solve a problem!
Laced, Onamoto, Vibes, Emingle
     School is officially out, except for two in-service days!  Yahoo!!  I am now foot loose and fancy free! 


  1. Two beautiful zendalas! I especially love the onomato in the second. Nice recovery from picking up the wrong pen, too.

  2. Nicely done! And I agree with you, like teh second one best.

    Annemarie Huijts

  3. Both lovely, and yes, it was fun looking at new or rarely used tangles, wasn't it? You have used two I've never seen = OrNot and Vibes; both neat tangles. I like hearing a process, and i think you did a wonderful job at solving a "mistake".

  4. Wow, so much detail! Lovely results on both.

  5. They are both quite lovely. I don't know which I like the best; and you've used some of my favorites, plus several I've never seen done before.

  6. cathy - i like both tiles! you used a lot of patterns i haven't tried yet - i'm enjoying looking at them, trying to figure how you drew them :). i like the 2 colors on your first tile - and you very creatively 'mixed' them together :). awesome work!

  7. I either got my tangles from Tangle Patterns - an awesome resource or books. The two books were one by Sandy Bartholomew and another by Suzanne McNeill. I don't have exact names with me - I am at school. But I love those two resources also. I am somewhat of a bookaholic and whenever a new one comes out I rush out and get it.

  8. I really like both of these tiles. The second one is so detailed. I had fun with "research" for the tangles that started with the correct letters too! Great work!

  9. I really enjoy reading about your thought process. Your tiles are lovely!

  10. I love the hearts on the first one; they remind me of tigers or zebras, a little.

    Your B&W hearts make me think they are edged in a string of pearls . .


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