Monday, June 11, 2012

Challenge #74

All of a sudden, I am hearing Three Dog Night's "Going in Circles".  I used to love that song and that group.  So I didn't mind hearing it in my brain when Diva challenged us to use eccentric circles.
     The rain was pouring down today and it was so nice not to have to go anywhere or really do anything except tangle.  And tangle I did!  Once I got started it was one idea after another.  I took Diva's first string to get started and added just a few more circles.  When I finished, it reminded me of a spider, so that's what I named it.
     Then I used her second string for inspiration.  I needed a bit of color on this very gray day, so "strawberries" was born!  Only I signed it, then got to turning it and decided I needed to have it going in another direction.  The initials are off, but oh well.
       Still raining and still inspired, I just drew a bunch of circles and then flipped through my tangle pattern book without a plan.  I opened it to a page, chose one at random and drew.  Then repeated the process.  The process of "no-process", I guess.
     One last go and then on to other things, like catching up on my Tangle-A-Day calendar.  I love dragonflies and the circles worked perfectly for wings.
     Can you tell it is summer?  I have all this wonderful free time.  Of course, there are projects around the house to complete, but not today.  Today it is just me, my pen, the rain and Three Dog Night.
               "Going in circles,
                Don't really know
                Where I will come from
                Where I will go."
Have a great day and see you next challenge!  Happy tangling!


  1. Great tiles but I really love the dragonfly.

  2. That's the great thing about a rainy day: time just for yourself and whatever you like to do (tangling of sourse).

    Your tlies are very nice and the idea of a dragonfly is wonderful.
    Annemarie Huijts

  3. How fun! A day to sit at home...oh and rain, we so need rain right now, I envy you today. I am so glad that you had all the day to tangle so we can enjoy your efforts! Each and every one is an inspiration!

  4. wow, great job on the drawings, I love the strawberries! Very cool! :)

  5. I really enjoyed your four tangles using the eccentric circles, Cathy. Nice use of pea-nuckle in # 2. I love your dragon fly, too.

  6. They are all really nice, but I especially like the dragonfly! Good work!

  7. Awesome tiles...really love the dragonfly! I might need to "re-do" my tile....get better what you have here!

  8. Oh, my goodness. Your tiles are LOVELY--all of them!

  9. Love them all - but 'specially the strawberries - it's coming up to that season! Very beautifully done and each has it's own charm.

  10. All fun and fabulous, I love days like you had, everything else will fall into place!

  11. Love your little dragon fly...lovely work !

  12. Wow--you got busy with the circles this week! I especially love the third tile and your dragonfly--so fun and beautifully done!

  13. Love that dragonfly! And you're really brave doing pea-nuckle in a circle!! :D I love the first one, all bulgy and shiny like. You had loads of fun. Looks like a good day for that today...rainy. ;)


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