Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Pink Pearl

I hope it is alright to post 2 entries.  I felt I needed to work with Fengle some more and I also just needed to write.  So here goes both.

I always put the challenge on my Tangle-A-Day calendar (by Carole Ohl).  I love this calendar and it keeps me inspired.  Fengle was giving me all sorts of problems - just couldn't get the flow of it.  Probably a state of mind thing.  So I thought I would just jot a couple of them on the Monday for the challenge and forget it.  Once I got them on, I had to put something else.  So I began filling in around them with those little circle dot thingies (do they have a name?).  As I just mindlessly drew them, I started to unwind a bit.  And the grains of sand (as I started to think of them) took over, spilling over letters and around corners.  When I finally took notice, I realized I was under water and needed some other watery tangles.  So I found ammon and urchin and bouy among others.  Then added one of my new favorites - sanibelle.  After putting in the posts to the pier this was all tucked under, I "found" a beautiful pink pearl of hope.  I stopped and looked around my ocean scene and decided this was the one I should have waited to enter.  The fengles aren't any better, but I like this one a lot.

I went to the doctor to get my update on blood work a few weeks ago.  Everything was fine.  Then my doctor checked my pulse.  She said she heard a missed beat.  Several years ago (six to be exact) when diabetes encountered me and landed me in the hospital, they discovered I had an a-fib heart beat.  That put me in the intensive care.  That was probably the most scary time I have ever been through.  I felt like so much was being thrown my way at once.  In the end, all the things really became one of my life's greatest blessings.  But when the doctor mentioned a-fib, I became really nervous.  I asked her what that meant exactly and she said "you get a blood clot and you die".  Ahh...  what happened to bedside manner?  I nearly choked.  So obviously when she said, relax we would do an EKG I wasn't in a relaxed state of mind!  She did detect an a-fib and said she would fax the results to my cardiologist.  The next day (being Friday), I called my cardiologist and of course they were not in.  I got to worry and fret all week-end.  Every time I hiccuped I panicked.  Great way to keep stress down!  And then being the "brilliant" person I am, I searched the internet.  Why?!  I found all sort of scary things - surgeries, failed therapies, etc.  I knew better than to go looking for any answers, but I just couldn't seem to use common sense.  By Monday, I was a basket case.  I got in touch with the cardiologist who said get there within an hour.  I felt my life spinning out of control - and spilling in all directions like my sand thingies.  The cardiologist was very comforting and really made me feel alright.  He also was very upset at my (ex) doctor's remark and that she just sent me home without really doing anything.  After doing another EKG,  he doubled my meds and sent me home to return in a couple of days.  Finally someone was in charge who knew what they were doing.  On return I got to wear a holter monitor for 24 hours and it was determined that I was back in normal sinus rhythm.  My cardiologist said it probably was stress that caused it and made worse by the stress the doctor put through.  I am so thankful for my pink pearl of hope.  I really appreciate the cardiologist and his wonderful nurse for their calm manner and helping me find that calm. 

Didn't mean to bore anyone, but I needed to revisit fengle and I needed to dump the last remains of that hectic few days.  Now that all that is over, I can head off my pier and get on with stuff.  Thanks for listening.  I have really enjoyed this blog and getting to "meet" and make new friends.  Have a wonderful week!!


  1. That's quite a story Cathy and may be told. I think I have understood and it was all very exciting. I wish you a carefree time in the feature! I'm dutch english is not my best language so if it is not good formulated sorry for this!

  2. You are very much understood. Thank you so much.

  3. I can identify with your story of "scary doctor says something to make things worse". Luckily it sounds like you have a good cardiologist which is what really counts! Best wishes! I love your calendar of the day with the pink pearl - what a great way to work through this and you've done such a lovely, thoughtful piece.

  4. A scene of beauty that covers three days with visions of underwater beauty! I am glad that zentangling is a calming thing and I hope that this week will find peace without zentangling but if you need it , zentangling will always give you a place to go to settle the worries of life!


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