Thursday, March 22, 2012

Challenge #63 Fengle

The moment I saw this tangle I knew I had to play with it.  It is such a fun design.  I gave it several tries, but these are the ones I am most pleased with.  It has a tendency to go choppy on me.  I looked at lots of the other entries and they all flow so smoothly.  I will persevere and keep trying to smooth mine out. 

I thought from the beginning I wanted to put it in the middle of a mandala, but as you can see from the following, it was a bit hard to get centered.  I am going to try this again and draw the fengle first and then put the circle around it.  May be working backward but it might help me get it centered.

Since it reminded me of a sea star, I thought the next fengle adventure would be something from the sea.  I grouped a few of them and then "caught" them in a net. 

This was a load of fun and something I really needed this week.  It has been a week filled with dealing with doctors - some wonderful, some not so.  I am glad to be on the up side of it all and to have gotten a good report.  I just hope I can stay away from "white coats" for awhile!

 Hope you all have had a wonderful week and thank you for any comments!  Just one more week til spring break!  Yahoo! 


  1. I am drawn to the central star of the tiles...the fengle is done beautifully and then all the other patterns complement it so well!

  2. Glad you got a good report from the "white coats". My favorite is the one with the sea stars but I like them all.


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