Thursday, March 8, 2012

Challenge #61 - Golven

If I thought last week was "interesting", this one was a real emotional trip.  I was glad for the moments my pens and I spent together.  I needed the time to relax.  I had just finished up a piece with golven as a part of it when I read that was our challenge!  Yahoo!  Two for the price of one!  I really love this tangle by Mariet.  It is so relaxing and peaceful to draw.  You do get the feeling of being on waves.  (Golven is the Dutch word for waves).
Then I got busy on my tile for the challenge.  (Can you tell I finally got my micron colored pens?)  I really was pretty happy with this one.  Then I looked at all the other entries - oh, my - wow!  They are all so gorgeous.  Still happy with this one, but envious too.  Didn't choose green for envy, but it fits. 

Hope you all have a great week and thanks for visiting my site.  This has become so much fun. 


  1. I like both, first is so precise and symetrical and the second has a great flow and organic feel. How appropriate to use green on this one!

  2. I enjoyed your story, also using a color has a certain charm!

  3. Love your work, so neat and precise.
    I'm so glad that Golven gave you Zen.
    That's the effect of ZENtangle

  4. Both lovely! The second one is so "free" (and the green is good - especially with St. Patricks Days coming up!) :) You've inspired me to try another Zentangle with color. I love the first one - the structural design appeals to me, and I love the balance you have achieved with your choice of tangles.

  5. Your lines are so delicate and complementary to each other. The tiles are stupendous!

  6. They look great! Love the green.
    Also from last week, loved your calendar pages. That is so cool that you have a letter from Dr. Suess.


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