Saturday, March 3, 2012

Challenge #60 Duo Tangle

     Wow, what a week!  My student teacher that I had (relied on) for 7 weeks left.  I was back to "solo-flying" - all the grading and planning by my lonesome.  The classroom was not quite as settled as I like.  Several meetings.  Waiting on news about my blood work (routine, but still waiting is hard).  Then to end the week, we had severe weather and dismissed from school early Friday.  After last April and all the chaos our area felt (Tennessee), just the mention of severe weather makes everyone very nervous.  So whenever it rains I have some children in my class who get really panicky.  To sum it up, a very complicated week.  So while I enjoy using LOTS of tangles in my work, it was really nice to just know I could only use two and those two were already decided for me.  One simple thing in this week was very welcomed.  I am not super thrilled with the results, but it was relaxing to focus on it for awhile.  I sat and finished it up last night while listening to really scary weather reports.  What a shame one of the tangles we had to use wasn't Rain!!  Just kidding.
     One of my favorite authors and philosophers had a birthday this week, Dr. Seuss.  I enjoy reading his books aloud to my class.  Many years ago when I first started teaching, I wrote and asked him for an autograph.  He sent me back a wonderful crayon message on Cat in the Hat stationary!  It is one of my most valued possessions.  I had to use the calendar pages around his birthday - March 2 - to tangle a birthday page.  Some of the tangles remind me of his books.  I think if he were still with us, he probably would be a "tangler"!

  Hope everyone has a great week!!  Thanks again for all your comments.


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