Friday, March 16, 2012

Challenge #62 - Paradox and Spiral

This challenge was a . . . . challenge.  Really.  I love paradox - it is one of my absolute favorites.  Many years ago, I drew this design for a high school drafting contest.  It had to be measured -  each line measured and spaced.  It was a large piece several rows by several rows large.  The pencil smeared and I restarted a few times.  And the entire time, my drafting teacher was "lurking" over my shoulder.  Not a zen experience!  But I still loved the design.  I had never thought about it in a spiral though.  That was hard for me to wrap my brain around.  I made the "mistake" of viewing all the wonderful entries first and nearly gave up!  Then I went to Margaret Bremner's great tutorial on how to do paradox. (Sorry I don't know how to put in the link).  I knew I had to give it a try.  So I drew this big spiral, and went about putting in the paradox.  I thought it needed some color, so I added a tiny bit to separate the areas.  It reminded me of a large rock or snail shell so I put some sanibelle in to make it look like a forest floor.  When I finished, I just wasn't happy with it.  It didn't capture what I wanted.

Time for try #2.  I drew another spiral, filled it up with paradox again.  This time, I tried to not represent anything.  I stared at it for awhile.  Decided I really wasn't happy with this one.  It needed something.  I drew some other tangles around the outside in hopes to help.  It didn't. 

My brother is sitting at the computer playing baseball.  So I decided three strikes and  I was out of ideas!  So here goes strike #3.  I kept the spiral part all loose - probably not a true spiral at all.  Then I tried to make my paradox less confining - the ghost of my drafting teacher disappeared.  When I finished, I added just a few small beads and stopped.  I did not want to overwork it.  I really like this one.  It is not spectacular, but I felt satisfied and little more zen!

This has been an adventure!  I still love paradox!  But I have a healthy respect for trying to put it into unusual spaces.  I also have a whole new admiration for all the other awesome entries - everyone is so talented.  I learn so much from these challenges and looking at other people's interpretations. 

Hope you have a wonderful week!  Thank you for any suggestions you can give me for making these look a bit better.


  1. Cathy day, I think your first tile is very well done because making a square of it. By making a partition to which it has become clear.

  2. I really enjoyed your first tile...and your second but I agree with you, the third has a wonderful feel to it!

  3. Wonderful tiles with great concepts of design!

  4. My fav. is the first one - I love the dividing color you've added; it makes it pop. And I like the other tangles you've used to make it a "picture". And your last one with the whimsical spiral is great - really zen-like.

  5. I think all three are great. I'm especially fond of the bead textures you added between your Paradox on #2.


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