Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Yawn. . . yawn.

        If I ever find a magic lamp and get to rub it for a genie and 3 wishes, I know what I want.  Okay there are lots of things I want and need, but right now I would burn all 3 wishes on 3 good night's sleep.  Sleep all through the night.  Wow.  What a dream world.  I have been having some trouble with my legs really hurting.  I am nearly certain it is not the bike as I have had this happen before just not as severe.  I can't sleep comfortably.  I wake up and sit up for a bit. Then I get really sleepy, like I could fall over sitting up.  I lay down and nope.  I am wired.  This is driving me crazy.
      My challenge for Every Inchie Monday looks rather lonely.  I miss the others.  Now I did find one on line that I may join in and if I do, I will include it in this post before closing it.  I have got to figure out how to post it.  Or maybe just post here and not worry about it.  Anyway, the inchie is Mongolia.  I chose a yurt to go with the flag. 

      Lakota loves the sunshine but we limit his time outside due to the fact that his black hair nearly cooks him.  We also wish we could limit his rolling in the yard but we haven't figured out how to do that.  We think he has a grass allergy and so rolling isn't his best idea!

        I am still playing around with the Circle Helix.  This gadget is so much fun!  Here are a few more mandalas.
        Ah ha!  I found two more wonderful challenges!  Over at The Rainbow Elephant, Cindy Angiel runs two challenges that proved to be some fun this week.  I really loved doing the Orbital Break challenge.  We had to draw an orb then have something breaking out (or in) of the orb.  Fun!  Here is my work for those two challenges.  I strongly suggest you use the link for her blog and check it out.  There is a ton of info and fun stuff.  I have purchased several of her downloads in the past and they are fun.
Orbital Break
         Guess I shall go now.  If you are stateside, please have a happy 4th of July - stay safe.  I promise I won't get on my rant about how dangerous fireworks can be.  While I love them, I do not like them in the hands of novices.  Thanks for dropping by and have a blessed day - no matter where in our world you are!!  Hugs!
Mojo challenge



  1. A lovely post to included a pup fix and I love your Mongolian yurt. Your tangles always amaze me with their stylish intricacy. Hope you get some sleep soon, as an insomniac (all my life) I know how a lack of sleep can alter ones outlook and well being, Dx

  2. Cathy’s Blog:

    Hi Miss Cathy. Sorry to hear that you've had some sleeping issues. I hope you've had better luck since writing this post. Magnesium is sometimes and easy fix to both leg cramps and sleeping issues. Maybe do a google search on magnesium for sleep and see if you find anything relatable for you?

    You're pup looks so happy to be in the cool grass! I can relate to doing things that aren't always good for me in the long run..... but feels oh so good at the moment. Cheese cake for instance. LOL

    Your mandalas are devine! That Circle Helix is such fun to play with, right?! And thanks for participating in the Orbital Break challenge. I sure like those little peoples in the bubbles. So cute! Your MOJO challenge came out great too! Hope you continue to join in on our challenges. You sure have terrific art to share with everyone. Thank you for the inspiration to provide!


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