Saturday, November 5, 2016

Coast line

   This is ridiculous.  I did the inchie for this last weekend.  It has set on my desk for a week.  But I haven't put it up.  Oh well, why waste a perfect record of being late?! 
     We had a very busy week.  And throw in Halloween which sends my class into spasms . . .  Why can't they have that holiday on the last Friday of October?  A Monday?  Really? 
     Here is another drawing I did last weekend. 

No real challenges, just for fun.  Does it bother anyone else when you look at your followers number and see you have lost 2 followers?   What happened?   Makes me curious. 
     Thank you for dropping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. The inchie is terrific and so pleased you showed it. The other project is so beautiful and intricate.

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. great inchie, nice use of colour - if I don't post early monday morning - say 12:05 - I tend to forget about it and ten I'm late - lol


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