Saturday, November 12, 2016


Let's see, I am doing this inchie from memory.  Clouds are in the sky and usually bring rainRight?  I can't remember what rain clouds are like.  We don't see them around here anymore.  So if I got this wrong, forgive me.  Seriously, we haven't had rain in several months, putting us in a 20" drought and the severest this area has ever known.  We have fires blazing out of control on mountains near us.  The air quality is "red" and it is hard to be outside.  I have known bouts of dry weather, but nothing this long.  And the weatherman says no significant chance of moisture is in our future. 
     Great day to stay inside and work on my coloring book.  As I may have said - because I cannot keep it a secret - I am working on a coloring book to sell.  I hope to have it ready to publish by Christmas, not for Christmas perhaps, but close.  I am mainly doing it for my school, but it will be sold on Amazon for anyone else who might be interested.  I am super excited and hope I at least sell one or two!  I will post the link when I get that far along.
     Take care and have a wonderful weekend!  (and if you know anyone who does a rain dance please send them to Tennessee, okay?).

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