Saturday, November 26, 2016

An Inchie and Time for another challenge!

    This past week I have enjoyed being out of school.  Love my time off!  I got several Christmas presents made and several cards done!  Lots of things going on.  I even had time for another Diva challenge.  I haven't done one of those in ages and I really missed it.  Perhaps after the first of the year things will settle down.  School has been really hectic this year.  I guess it always is, but somehow with a new grading program to learn and get settled into, it seems worse.
Diva Challenge #294

      I also have been working on my coloring book.  I hope to have it ready to publish by the first of the year.  We shall see.  That is a lot of work.  Of course, it is extremely fun work, but still work.
      Missed last week's inchie - "wormhole".  I decided to do a wormhole in an apple instead of the spacey one.  My odd sense of humor.

      This week's inchie word was lighting.  I drew the bulb, now you must imagine the lone chair underneath and the guy being questioned! 

      And last but not least, here are a few of my Christmas projects.  I hope next year to be able to attend a few craft shows and sell some of my things. 

      See you next week!  I hope you are having a wonderful week!


  1. So nice inchies. Your Xmas project is fantastic.

  2. congrats on the coloring book! Cant wait to see it. I also adore those homemade gifts, how cool is that! I love homemade gifts

  3. Great Diva tile! Love your Christmas gifts. Looking forward to seeing your colouring Book. :)

  4. I love your sense of humour with the background for the lightbulb. well done - love your christmas presents too


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