Saturday, December 3, 2016

Inchie - Question

     It has been an eventful week.  Some good, some . . . less than. 
     We started off the week with rain.  Much needed.  Our area is in a severe drought.  So any amount of rain is a blessing.  The winds were a bit high, which I don't really like.  But either way we had rain.  I woke up Tuesday morning about 20 minutes early to a crash like nothing I had ever heard before.  I set up to see my bedroom window have a black shadow across it.  I jumped up and Lakota started barking.  Ray and I went to the back door and there was a GIGANTIC tree covering my backyard.  It missed my house by about a foot!  No damage done here except of course for the tree.  And perhaps the momentary heart failure we all had.   We were very blessed.

     Then Wednesday morning, Ray was taking me to school and we had a flat tire in the pouring rain.  Delightful.  One of the few mornings I didn't have things laid out for the day and was counting on an early arrival!  I called the school and they sent me another ride while Ray waited on roadside assistance!  But again a blessing - the tire could be patched for considerably less than a new tire.
     I am glad to say Thursday was relatively uneventful.  Friday we took third grade to the Tivoli theater to hear the Chattanooga Boys Choir.  We were in the "nose bleed" section and climbing those stairs nearly killed me.  I couldn't breathe and got very sick.  So I sat a little lower and away from my class.  The other 2 teachers were right there.  I am sorry to say my class was horrible.  There were about 7 youngsters that really were disrespectful and not well behaved.  Needless to say, Monday morning is going to be more than unpleasant for each of them.  They already had to deal with the principal upon returning, but not with me.  My kids are usually pretty good, but have some real listening issues.  With me, they don't dare act out.  But out of sight, out of mind.
     Ahh, yes, the reason for this post!  I did do an inchie this week.  The word was question.  I suppose I had a few of my own this week.

     Have a wonderfully blessed week and take care. 


  1. Oh, my Cathy, that must have been terrifying to have a tree that close to going down on your house! I'm glad you, and your house, are okay. It's funny how easy it is to control your own students with just a look. However, the other teachers probably think that you are a saint to deal with such hooligans, LOL!

  2. Praise the Lord that the tree missed your house. Blessings to you and your family. Also glad about the tire. So many blessings this week for you (even if they did not seem like it!) I understand about the kids. They know what and with whom they can get away with things. Best part is that next week will be better! Have a blessed and creative week hun


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