Saturday, December 10, 2016

Inchie - 42

     One more week of school and I will be out for Christmas!!  Yahoo!!!  (Insert wild uncontrollable shouts of joy).  This last week was wild.  The natives were more than restless.  They are all so excited.  And of course their teacher is just a teeny tiny excited . . .
     Our inchie word was "42".  Of course I thought of the baseball great Jackie Robinson.  So that inspired my inchie.

     Better close off now - I have about 5 more Christmas cards to make.  My cricut has been busy as of late.  Have a wonderful week and stay warm!  (It has gotten cold here).


  1. That is a fun way to interpret the number 42. Not being a sports fan, I didn't think of that. Enjoy your time off.

  2. I was reminded by someone that this was Jackie Robinsons number as well. Great take on the theme!

  3. Great idea for your inchie. Have a great break from school.


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